Ten Thousand Crows Drop New Single ‘The Empress’

Sydney metal/deathcore act Ten Thousand Crows have unleashed their brand new single ‘The Empress’, an intense, blistering narrative of ‘core inspired by horror films like The Babdook and Insidious. Vocalist George Mackenzie shares:

“Not only is The Empress sonically different from The Hanged Man but lyrically it’s more of a mini-story, depicting a powerful figure laying her claim to the world before her. It’s a fun, violent, heavy anthem about this badass character and was a total blast to put together.” 

There’s some tasty as fuck riffage happening here, and it’ll be right up your alley if you froth the likes of Thy Art Is Murder. Keeeeen to see more from the 10k Crows, that’s for sure!

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