“I Saw Something I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time In An Artist…” Tommy Lee Praises Machine Gun Kelly’s Motivation

It’s been a huge week at WoS HQ this week and one of the biggest interviews that came through was the one and only Tommy Lee sitting down with our very own Ricky Aarons for a chat about his forthcoming DJ-infused hip-hop solo album Andro.

For those not in the know, Tommy is dabbling in the hip-hop/rap game (much like Travis Barker) and his new album will feature a bunch of collaborations with Lee behind the drums and to be honest with you, some of the singles have been pretty decent so far.

I’ve heard it so much, and the fact that I still like it after all this time is saying a lot” – Tommy Lee on his new album Andro.

The conversation in the interview turned to whether or not Tommy received any advice or feedback from rapper Machine Gun Kelly who portrayed Lee in the Netflix adaption of Mötley Crüe‘s infamous biography The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band (our film review here) and featured on the soundtrack song ‘The Dirt (Est. 1981)‘. As it turns out, no advice was given but the world famous drummer was inspired by MGK‘s attention to detail with the momentous role:

He was crazy about getting together with me and going through every single line and making sure it was exactly how it went down, including taking four months of drum lessons. If anything, I was inspired by his will to make something the fucking best it could possibly be”. 

Turns out Tommy has known Colton Baker (his birth name) for years and couldn’t stop speaking highly of the man who played him:

“He’s given me a lot of inspiration, because while he was in preparation for the movie, I saw something I haven’t seen a long time in an artist, and that was his actual dedication to the role and to the overall movie.

Tommy’s dive into the hip-hop/rap game doesn’t come as a surprise, he’s also worked with rapper Tyla Yaweh and Post Malone in the past, and, a song they did, appropriately titled ‘Tommy Lee‘ copped a couple remixes so well put together, one of them has ended up on Tommy’s solo album Andro:

“One of them was like a trap version and then the other one was just a full straight-ahead rock version, with banging drums and guitars. They love that version so we went with it on the record.”

Check it out below and get keen to hear the rest of Tommy Lee‘s album riwhen it comes out October 16th via Better Noise Music.

Pre-order Andro here


Tommy Lee – Andro tracklisting

1. Knock Me Down ft. Killvein
2. You Dancy ft. Lukas Rossi
3. Ain’t Tellin Me Nothing ft. Pavan Mukhi?
4. SOMA COMA ft. Shotty Horroh
5. When You were Mine ft. Lukas Rossi
6. Hot Fudge Sundae ft. Josh Todd
7. Caviar on A Paper Plate ft. Mickey Avalon
8. Leave Me Alone ft. Killvein
9. Demon Bitches ft. Brooke Candy, Moon Bounce
10. P.R.E.T.T.Y ft. King Elle Noir
11. Tops ft. Push Push
12. Make This Storm King Elle Noir
13. Make it Back ft. PLYA
14. Tommy Lee [Tommy Lee Remix] ft. Tyla Yahweh, Post Malone

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