Upheld ‘We Have That Go Hard Or Go Home Kinda Attitude’

The Perth scene just keeps delivering that sweet heavy music goodness. The next cab off the ranks is a band called Upheld who’ve given fans a taste of their upcoming EP Moral Compass with a single/video for ‘Waves’, which ought to get your attention. 

We spent some time getting to know the band, and now we’d like to give you that opportunity. 

You’ve described yourselves as a band with members that we’ve probably seen before – few of you been in the scene before the inception of Upheld?

It’s true we’re a bit of a mixed lollie bag when it comes to musicians. Three of our members are no strangers to the stage, all having been a part of bands in the Perth scene from the past. Now all looking forward to making our mark together in Upheld.

What brought the band together – what was the vision of the band, even before the diversity of the EP ‘Moral Compass’ came to life?

The vision of the band is vast, however it can all be brought back down to our shared love of heavy music. We love what we do, and every step along the way. Creating, writing, and performing our music.

You guys emphasise the variation of style on the upcoming EP, contributed to with Stella’s clean vocals, which you describe as something pretty unique. Following trends from fellow locals Make Them Suffer and Saviour, did you draw on any influences there to compare the differentiating howling screams to angelic cleans across the EP? 

We hadn’t intentionally aimed to reference sound from other local heavy hitters from the Perth scene when writing and creating our tracks. Although it’s not uncommon to have both heavy screams and squeaky clean vocals in the metalcore genre, we like to feel we differentiate from the pack due to Stella’s rarity. Female, drummer, fierce vocals, all in one.

How would you describe Upheld to heavy music fans? 

Upheld, as a collective, are just a happy bunch of people aiming to punch holes through walls with our tracks and get a crowd jumping live. From nasty Emmure-esque breakdowns to soaring melodic choruses, we are really trying to hit home with as many heavy music lovers as we possibly can! Not sticking to the same procedure of writing song-to-song.

I’m getting some IKTPQ vibes on the EP – is this an accident or not really? There’s something really familiar there and I guess I was just curious if you thought the same thing?

I don’t think we intended to portray IKTPQ vibes (although humbling to hear). We feel we have a widely diverse sense of inspiration that came together as a whole when writing our EP, ‘Moral Compass’.

How was the response to the single ‘Waves’ and accompanying video? 

“When we had released Waveswe weren’t really sure what to expect. Being a brand new band on the ‘scene’ with no prior social engagements, we had just hoped to reach as many people as possible. The response we had internationally was great! Listeners from all over the world had tuned in to our socials and plenty of hometown love too. We couldn’t ask for any more than that!”

To put together a video with that level of production, so early on in the band’s career is pretty impressive. Do you think putting all you’ve got into music videos are integral to catch the eye of potential fans in the heavy music scene? It certainly seems that way these days, and many bands across the world have had to release animated clips and such this year, as musicians haven’t even been able to get together, so crazy!

“As a general rule we aim to do things right the first time. Go hard or go home kind of attitude. Our band is an investment to our hopeful musical futures so if we plan on releasing music to the public, it needs to sound impressive. Same goes for music videos. Being able to work with Jo at DarkSpiritPhotography is such a pleasure and the quality we receive from him is second to none! It’s just a blessing to be situated in Perth so we can all get together and do these types of things!”

Perth’s looking pretty good from a COVID point of view, got any shows lined up?

“We have been extremely lucky here in Perth regarding COVID. We thought it was important ‘Moral Compass’ was released prior to playing shows, as we wanted listeners to experience everything we had to offer from the comfort of their homes, cars, or wherever possible!”

Obviously, borders are looking a bit how ya goin’ across the rest of the country at the moment. Once that all eases, could you see yourselves embarking on some interstate touring or is it still early days?

“We would love to tour interstate! One of our goals is to be able to play some kickass shows on the other side of the country. And of course internationally is where our ambition lies. As soon as the borders open once again, and we are afforded the opportunity, there’s no doubt we will be playing shows interstate.”

Any final words for Wall of Sound readers out there?

“Only that we can’t wait to get this EP, ‘Moral Compass’, out to you guys! The band as a whole have worked super hard getting everything together and we can’t wait to see the response. Looking forward to seeing plenty of beautiful faces at shows when the time comes!”

Interview by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

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Moral Compass

Upheld – Moral Compass track-listing

1. Cash Flow Game Show
2. Lunacy
3. Male Extinction
4. Transcend
5. Waves



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