Is A BMTH x Yungblud Collaboration Coming?

According to several posts across all of their social media accounts, it seems like Bring Me The Horizon are set to drop a collaboration with alt-pop upcomer Yungblud and to be honest with you, we’re fucking intrigued about what they’ve been working on.

Yungblud is no stranger to the alt rock scene, having collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker not too long ago for the songI Think I’m Okay‘ which absolutely ruled and now to see him possibly doing something with BMTH has us intrigued…

BMTH are no strangers to collaborating with artists outside the heavy music scene, I mean we heard them with Grimes on amo‘s track ‘nihilist blues‘ and rapper Rahzel on ‘heavy metal‘ so the fact they’re expanding their horizons (ha!) and working with new artists means they’re proving they’re bigger than just the heavy music genre.

We do know from the release of their last songParasite Eve‘ that they’ve got an EP or two in the works, so this could be the next addition to that news… either way, stay tuned for more!

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