Aussie Pop Punks Drastic Park Take Aim At Premier Gladys WhatsHerFugginName In Hilarious Parody Song

I fucking love me a good parody song and what I laid eyes on last night made me laugh so hard, it had to be written about. Melb pop punk heroes Drastic Park are not only still riding the success of their latest EP Imposter Syndrone‘s release (our review here) and showing off their meme creativity that’ll certain rival the Windwaker boys (you heard it here first) by releasing a song taking aim at NSW Premier Gladys Beglijerium (or however you spell it).

It’s no secret Gladys Bogladerio hates fun. She’s shut down and/or made things difficult for anything musically oriented in NSW and obviously, members of the music scene and community have some opinions about the matter. Some write letters and send emails, some tweet and consequently get blocked by her for having opposing views (yes, that’s legit, she blocked me lol)

gladys tweet

But these lads have teamed up with Steven Cannatelli of The Suburbs (and that sick AF RATM cover by metalcore outfit Wake The Blind from last week) and dropped a parody of Linkin Park‘s ‘In The End‘ and dubbed it ‘GLADYS HATES MUSIC‘.


The end result, well go have a look below and then check out our interview with the guys just to see how crazy and hilarious they are every other day of the week. As for Gladys… well no one gives a shit what she has to say… End Rant!

Browny @brownypaul

Check out Drastic Park’s debut EP Imposter Syndrome here

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