Anticline – Urgency (EP Review)

Anticline – Urgency
Released: August 28th, 2020


Dylan Volk – Vocals
Don Shoe – Guitar/Vocals
Jack Hynes – Guitar
Caleb King – Bass
Darcy Carrol – Drums



Criminally underrated is how I would describe Anticline. Having had the chance to play on some massive line ups, including the Greyscale Records Showcase last year (Our coverage here) this local band from rural Victoria has been turning heads since their inception two or so short years ago. After spending lockdown creatively, they are back with a new EP, which is as exciting and compelling as a COVID-19 vaccine right now.

The EP kicks off with ‘Headspinning Bias’  which has an enticing guitar riff from the get-go, which happens to set the mood for the entire EP exceptionally well. The majority of the song includes an enjoyable two-step drum beat which makes it incredibly hard for me to sit still as I write this, it’s edgy; yet, it flows incredibly, which makes for a delightful listening experience. The song concludes with a powerful breakdown as vocalist Dylan Volk aces the transition from his mid-range unclean vocals to his low screams. At first listen, this EP opener left me anticipatingly waiting for more. ‘Paroxysm (Everything Comes Pouring out)’ is a solid nod to what we saw on the group’s debut EP Hesitancy. The song delves straight into Anticline‘s heavy elements with the strong vocal presence of Volk immediately taking force. The intricacies of the guitars amongst the thumping drumming courtesy of Darcy Carrol can be easily overlooked; however, it adds the finer touches to what is an already solid track. A slow lead up builds to a violently mosh inducing breakdown throughout the song’s outro; I am foretelling this to be the fault of future mosh pit injuries.

Beginning with a short drum solo ‘In The Open’ offers something completely different to every other song on this EP, the constant change in time signatures takes the listener on a journey. The guitar work in this offering is outstanding, the ebbs and flows of each of the three guitarists and they gel together to create a combined sound is, for lack of a better term, flawless. Once again we see vocalist Dylan show off his range, this man is no one-trick pony! A slow-paced guitar riff takes us into ‘Bent Pace’. The tempo, for the most part, doesn’t fluctuate for the majority of the track. However, this does not stop this tune from losing its edge. A slow build-up leads to an energetic outro.

Instrumentally, ‘Pitch Black’ is some of this band’s finest work, it’s captivating in every sense of the word. The instrumentalists in this band are out of their own league as they sonically merge into what is so impressive, it gives me chills; at first listen this left me extremely excited to hear the rest of the song. I find that on this particular song, Vocalist Vulk, as well as guest vocalist Bobak Rafiee from Justice From The Damned follow the instrumentalists lead. Having Rafiee on this track add an incredible amount of depth to the tune, as his deathcore style vocals reach new lows. His voice has so much projection, which goes insanely well as his voice coincides with Dylan Volk‘s; It is also a treat to hear Bobak Rafiee‘s voice one what is one of Anticline‘s heaviest breakdowns. For a heavy band from regional Victoria, it doesn’t get any better. Closing out the EP is ‘Futurum Obscurus’, the song dives headfirst into the band’s heavy elements (no surprise), which I can’t fault. This band plays amazingly on a fast tempo and to change that would almost be an insult to their ability to play heavy music. This is the first song on the EP to include clean singing, which for the most part, is layered on top of Vulk’s harsh unclean vocals. The intricacies of the instrumentals continue to amaze me on this release, and this song is no different.

To put it bluntly, this EP has blown me away. If this band does not blow up after this release, I will be amazed. Anticline has managed to breathe fresh life into what can at times be a stale genre. If you are yet to become familiar with this band, make sure you change that this Friday by spinning this EP the second it comes out.

urgency artwork final

Anticline – Urgency tracklisting:

  1. Headspinning Bias
  2. Paroxysm (Everything Comes Pouring Out)
  3. In The Open
  4. Bent Place
  5. Pitch Black (ft. Bobak Rafiee)
  6. Futurum Obscurus

Rating: 9/10
Urgency is out this Friday. Pre-order here
Reviewed by Adam Rice

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