Palaye Royale Dropped An Eerie Cover Of ‘Mad World’

If you haven’ jumped on the Palaye Royale bandwagon yet, you should probably change that as these guys are going places and you don’t wanna be one of those peeps who jumps in only when they’re huge!

Anyway, COVID fucked a lot of their plans this year but they did release their new album The Bastards back in May (our review here) and it’s turned into a somewhat unofficial soundtrack for 2020 according to frontman Remington Leigh who spoke with our very own Tamara May about the year and everything that’s happened just before their album came out (revisit that here).

Fast forward a few months and the world hasn’t got much better, America is in a shitfight right now, but the lads have tried to turn your attention away from the madness for a second by covering the classic Tears For Fears song ‘Mad World‘ and, in an eerie kind of way, they’ve done a pretty bang up job in my opinion.

Covers fans will know that Evergreen Terrace‘s version is still the best so far, but this version can be used to get a bunch of new fans discovering the original and appreciating Palaye Royale and what they have to offer to the music world in the process!

Whataya reckon?

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