Get Your Best Singing Voices Ready For Outloved’s Brand New Single ‘Hurt Me’

With already half a million streams between only two songs, post-rock group Outloved from regional Victoria have started their musical journey with a humongous bang. With soaring choruses that will give you all of the feels and also have you singing along with every word, this upcoming band is certainly one to keep a close eye on.

Upon the release of their third single ‘Hurt Me’, we caught up with vocalist Jaydon Colvin for a chat all things past, present and future – and we even got some juicy intel on another HUGE milestone for the band!

For people who haven’t yet listened to Outloved, how would you describe your sound and were there any bands that influenced it?

I feel Outloved’s music sits somewhere around that “Bring Me The Horizon” new wave of rock / post-rock although, we draw on influences from multiple bands / artists. Whether that be a Taylor Swift pop hit or a Beartooth breakdown, we just want people to sing a long and run around in a circle. The music itself, big catchy choruses with a side of something heavy is I think where we’re at.

 Can you give us a little run down on how the band originally formed? Did you know each other prior?

We’re all from Regional Victoria, East Gippsland to be exact. Growing up we played in local bands together here and there. Myself and Luke (drums) played in a cover band for a few years at the local pubs most weekends.

‘Hurt Me’ is your third single to be released TODAY, congrats! Can you give us a run down on what the song is about?

Hurt Me is a song for those feeling beaten and let down, at the same time to motivate you to move forward. Sometimes friendships/relationships need to end and you have to realise that they’re not forever. I guess for me It’s about those emotions you feel when going through such a situation.

Last year you released your debut single Dying To Leave, how did you find everyone’s first response and was it what you expected?

With “Dying to Leave” personally, I had no expectation of it to do that well at all. I loved the song but had no idea we would receive such a positive response. Being welcomed to the Dreambound community on Youtube really helped us in being heard.

The video clip for Dying To Leave has a pretty strong message portraying a friend going through a tough time and how important it is to check in on them. Have you all been able to keep close contact through out the COVID-19 lockdown?

We’ve been keeping well in touch during this time through video chats, sending memes and playing video games. It’s tough not being able to hang out as I know a lot of people are feeling the struggles of isolation but hopefully things come good soon. I feel It’s super important to keep checking in on friends in such a time.

How have you utilised your time during COVID-19? Played any video games, learnt any cool dance moves for the stage when gigs return?

I think we’ve gotten more into playing video games again, for me anyway. Aside from all the bad that’s come from Covid, it’s been good to sit back and take a break from life. No new dance moves but I think we’ve all tried to remain active in some way so we don’t die getting back on that stage.

One of your first shows in November last year was with Ocean Sleeper and we understand their singer Ionei Heckenberg is also your producer/cowriter! How did you come to working with him and how has it been so far?

Growing up in regional Victoria where Ionei’s studio was based, I think it was a cousin of mine who introduced me to Ionei at the second Unify Festival. From there I got in touch to do some recording for another band years ago and we’ve been working on projects together ever since. Without saying too many nice things, honestly he’s incredible to work with, such a talented musician/songwriter and Outloved wouldn’t be what it is without him.

Congrats on your second single ‘Blind & Falling’ recently hitting over 200,000 streams, a massive achievement! The video also has over 24k views on Youtube, can you give us a bit of an idea on the inspiration and meaning behind the video?

Thank you! I think we’ve almost cracked 400k now which we’re blown away by, huge shout out to whoever it is at Spotify for helping us get on some of those big playlists. The video funny enough had no planning / thought prior to the shoot and was put together by mainly myself and Ionei on the day at my old share house. Basically, the song / video meaning is from the perspective of having someone leave you feeling lost, broken but somewhat hopeful.

 If in the future you could open for any band, who would it be and why?

Would love to open for someone like Beartooth or Bring Me The Horizon. I think it’d be an incredible thing to play on the same stage as the bands that inspire you.

What’s up next for Outloved? Can we expect an EP or an album anytime soon?  

We are thrilled to announce signing to WE ARE TRIUMPHANT Records and to confirm our Debut EP “Be There For Me” will be available October 16th!

Huge congrats guys, I’ll definitely be singing along and running around in a circle (whether it be in an actual mosh or in my lounge room)!

Interview by Rhiannon Porter (@rrhiannonporter)

‘Hurt Me’ is out now.

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