Northlane Set To Relive ALIEN World Tour Next Month!

Aussie metalcore legends Northlane dropped one of the biggest heavy albums of 2019, Alien (our review here). The band are now set to relive it all again next month by streaming the first show of the Alien World Tour. Set across two nights, Live At The Roundhouse will revisit an iconic venue in Sydney, The Roundhouse, which kicked off the band’s world tour last year on October 11, 2019. Guitarist Josh Smith reminisces about that night:

“One of the most incredible, moving moments we’ve ever had on stage for me was when we played ‘Sleepless’ for the first time at our show at the Roundhouse. Knowing what events had transpired not too long before that, and what the song was about, I could tell Marcus was struggling when I got up there. By the time the song had finished he was in tears and he just soldiered on though the rest of the encore like nothing was wrong at all. I could tell on the inside he was just bleeding out. It was one of the bravest moments I’ve ever witnessed.”

Live at the Roundhouse will be a pay-per-view streaming event, and you can get your tickets for $10 now here!


Northlane: Live at the Roundhouse 

Friday August 21 – 8pm AEST
Saturday August 22 – 8pm AEST

Tickets here

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