In Hearts Wake Drop New Track ‘Dystopia’

Their album Kaliyuga doesn’t hit us until next month, and we absolutely cannot wait for In Hearts Wake to return to form. The band’s 4th single, ‘Dystopia’ has just dropped and the video itself is quite compelling in that it perfectly conveys the four stages of humanity as we know it. Vocalist Jake Taylor explains:

“Dystopia speaks of the fourth cycle and present age of the world known in Hinduism as ‘Kaliyuga’. ‘Kaliyuga’ is often referred to as the dark age due to the predominate traits of discord, disconnection, destruction, materialism, oppression, cruelty and fear.”

We look for the cause to cast the blame, but humanity need only look itself in the mirror. It is time for us to face and overcome the issues and challenges that currently threaten all life on Earth.” 

While it’s definitely quite a different vibe from the band’s previous singles released so far, ‘Dystopia’ delivers us some optimism for the future and the song still takes you on quite the journey. What are you waiting for… check it out for yourself below!

Kaliyuga is out August 7th through UNFD. Pre-Orders are available here

in hearts wake kaliyuga

In Hearts Wake – Kaliyuga tracklisting:

1. Crisis
2. Worldwide Suicide
3. Hellbringer
4. Moving On
5. Timebomb
6. Son of a Witch
7. Crossroads
8. Husk
9 Nãgá
10. Force of Life
11. Iron Dice
12. Dystopia
13. 2033

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