Crystal Lake Drop Brand New Single ‘Watch Me Burn’!

One of the last bands who absolutely blew us all away with their performance earlier this year during Polaris‘ national tour (our review here) right before we all went into lockdown, Japanese deathcore act Crystal Lake are rearing to make the hype even bigger this time round by dropping their new single ‘Watch Me Burn’. The track sees the band seizing opportunities in metalcore, taking some inspiration from The Ghost Inside, A Day To Remember and, yep… Polaris. While this song is slightly more melodic than anything they released on Helix, it still packs a mighty punch and fuels all your heavy music desires.

However, if nonstop breakdowns and moshpit throwdowns is more your thing and you’re dying to hear more of what they threw out on Helix, the band have also dropped a second song. ‘Disobey’ definitely fits right in with Crystal Lake’s brand of borderline deathcore. This track is absolute mayhem, and alongside ‘Watch Me Burn’ might actually be my new fave heavy release of the week.


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