Unleash Fists of Fury with Earth Alone’s Brand New Single ‘Take Me’

Melbourne deathcore outfit Earth Alone have been laying low for the last 18 months, but guitarist Kye Blomeley is keen to get the ball rolling again. After collaborating with mates on some new tracks, the band are unleashing their first taste of new music in 18 months, titled ‘Take Me’. Influenced by their heavy music peers and combining a multitude of tasty riffs with intense vocals by Sam Matheson, Earth Alone are surely gearing up to be a contender in the Australian hardcore music scene with this angst-fuelled banger.

Before they drop their debut release Suffer later this year though, we caught up with Kye to catch up on the band’s past and present state and some all too important life lessons experienced through this trying time.

Gday Kye! Tell us the history behind Earth Alone and how you guys came to be?

Back in 2015 I was playing in a band with some mates, we were mainly playing covers just for a bit of fun. Out of that I met my good friend Aidan Kofoed (ex Ennui Breathes Malice) who was playing bass with us. Since then he has become my biggest musical collaborator and we have worked on hours and hours of music together. In mid 2017 we had enough songs together to start looking for members to start up a performing band. 

We got a line up together pretty quickly and worked on getting the tracks into live playing condition over about 6 months. We got Jimmy Nevill on drums (Bury Me In Autumn), Cade Griffiths on guitar and Josh Morrissy on Vocals (Villa Morta). We released a 2 track demo and played our first show in early 2018. 

Josh departed the band at the beginning of 2019 and we found Sam Matheson to replace him. Over the course of the last 12 months we worked together tracking and re-tracking vocals for the new tracks whenever we could find the time.

We had 4 songs left to go when COVID hit, so I took it upon myself to track the vocals on 2 of the tracks and I got help from 2 of my good friends for the others. I am very excited to show everyone this hugely collaborative album that we have put together over the last few years.

Your new track provides some heavy riffage, that’s for sure! What’s the story on ‘Take Me’?

So this track started as a basic riff that turned into a 5 minute song of just random riffs that made no sense together. After we tracked the initial vocals I rearranged the whole song to make everything flow way better and sound way more cohesive. At the time I was listening to a lot of The Acacia Strain and Alpha Wolf so I’m sure you can probably hear some influence in there. 

I feel like this song is short, fast and will leave the listener hanging on for more! Can we expect more music, or maybe an EP from you soon?

You definitely can, we’ve got a 10 track album on the way which includes 1 special secret cover and some guest features from some of my friends.

Ooh, exciting! Who are the band’s biggest influence?

That’s a hard one, our influences shift constantly. Sometimes it will be angry breakdowns other times it will be blast beats and choruses. I guess the foundation of the band would be along the lines of Thy Art Is Murder, I, Valiance, Traitors and The Acacia Strain. 

Before COVID-19 hit us, had you guys played any gigs, and if we could attend a show now, what can one expect to witness?

Yeah we sure did, Our very first show was with the boys in Gravemind on their Lifelike tour. From there we played a heap of shows with our good friends in Anticline, Shout out to those boys for supporting us when we started.

As for what to expect, It’s hard to say. We’ve basically been on a hiatus since February 2019 while we were writing and recording our new tracks. I think we have had like 1 rehearsal since then, so for the time being we’re just going to be releasing tunes online. Hopefully after COVID cools off we can pick it back up again. 

What’s one thing you’ve learnt from iso and what will you improve in your life once “life is back to normal”?

Fortunately for everyone in the band, we all came under essential workers. So we could all continue to work. I’m also an audio engineer so it wasn’t too unusual for me to be staying home and being isolated from the outside world.

But probably like most people, I’ve learnt that things can change extremely quickly without any warning and that you shouldn’t take anything you have for granted. 

You’re too right! Life can change at the bat of an eyelid these days. So are there any messages of encouragement or anything else you’d like to share about Earth Alone?

I always want to encourage musicians and artists to follow their passions and get their stuff out there. Sometimes things can take time to get right but it’s about enjoying what you’re doing. Keep an eye out for the next release in a couple of weeks!  

We’ll definitely be on our toes for the next release. Thanks for catching up with us, Kye!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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