“It Wasn’t A Diss, It Was More Of A ‘Tip Of The Hat’” Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri Clears Up ‘I’ve Scene God’ Confusion

As we gear up for the release of Emmure‘s new album Hindsight on Friday (our review here), one song that the boys released to hype up the release has raised eyebrows and turned heads, with many fans wondering what’s going on. The song in question is ‘I’ve Scene God‘ which features mentions of bands such as Thy Art Is Murder, Attila, Knocked Loose, Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path, Fit For A King and more.

Now, knowing what frontman Frankie Palmeri is like, speaking his mind and giving no fucks, a lot of us were wondering if it was a cheeky stab at his heavy music comrades, especially with the reference to him being God.

But, we at Wall of Sound like getting to the bottom of things and went straight to Frankie himself, with  our very own Ricky Aarons hitting him up about it during their interview, and as it turns out, it was more of a nod to his fellow peers:

It wasn’t a diss, it was more of a ‘tip of the hat’ in terms of how I recognise my peers. If you read the lyrics, the last line is ‘You know, you can be next, you can be the one, but you’ll never be me, so you’ll never be God.’”

But even that last statement was said in jest as he further explained:

This is obviously a very hyperbolic way of saying ‘I’m the best out of all you’. All of the bands I mentioned in there are great bands, and it all came about when I was at these European festivals, and I saw all these names on a flyer, and I just was like – ‘it would be cool if I could write a rap using all these band names’ and that’s just how it started.”

Nawwww everyone loves a happy ending… Banging track too!

Hindsight is out tomorrow.
Pre-order here

album art high res

Emmure – Hindsight tracklisting

1. (F)inally (U)nderstanding (N)othing
2. Trash Folder
3. Pigs Ear
4. Gypsy Disco
5. I’ve Scene God
6. Persona Non Grata
7. Thunder Mouth
8. Pan’s Dream
9. 203
10. Informal Butterflies
11. Action 52
12. Bastard Ritual
13. Uncontrollable Descent

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