PREMIERE: Launch into AENON’s World With New Video ‘Korczak’

NSW hardcore outfit AENON have already released two tracks this year, and their metallic riffs are already so hauntingly infectious. The band have already unleashed two tracks on us this year, which we reckon are both solid tracks, making them an act to watch in Australia.

The lads gave us their new music video, ‘Korczak’ first for us to premiere for you all, and we’re stoked! This track begins quite haunting, but the intricate riffs here drive the song and takes you on a journey through progressive riffs and some intense guttural scream techniques by vocalist Andrew Wakem.

Catch our chat with the band below to find out more about the interesting metaphorical narrative behind the song, how the band came to be as well as to what else we can expect from AENON’s forthcoming EP, The Comforter next month. Oh yeah, we also asked the band on their fascination with space and why Tom Delonge should recruit them on his mission… (Tom, are you out there?)

G’day ÆNON ! You guys have a pretty cool astronomical name. Can you tell us the backstory behind the name and a quick history lesson on the band?

Hi there! Thank you for having us and for the compliment on the name. The band formed in 2015 through various chance encounters through adoring each other’s sexiness in band merch, as well as meeting at gigs, church and school. We were under the name “Burial At Sea” (BioShock <3) and released an EP titled “Unforsaken”. As every band knows, coming up with a new band name is a hard task. So we all met up at a local McDonald’s and threw burgers and stuff at each other because we couldn’t agree on something. (The throwing burgers part is obviously a lie but we actually did discuss this civilly at McDonald’s).

Anyway, we came across ÆNON after looking for ages and because Brendan (our guitarist) thought, “THAT IS SO DJENT”. So we went with ÆNON as it translates to ‘springs’ and worked as a parallel reference to Burial at Sea. To us it means baptism, renewal and moving forward. So we stuck with it. Under this name we have our single ‘Prodigal’ and our forthcoming EP “The Comforter”.

This might be an awkward question, but…how exactly do you pronounce ÆNON?

Unfortunately, we do have some trouble pronouncing our own name sometimes and we’ve tried finding the proper way of saying it but everyone else has their own interpretation of how to pronounce it. So, for argument’s sake, we pronounce it as “eh-non”. If anyone knows, please come and correct us. 

Tell us a little bit about your new single ‘Korczak’.

Korczak is inspired by the life and final sacrifice of Janusz Korczak, a man who ran an orphanage in Warsaw during World War II. (The lyrics are written from the perspective of one of his orphans). Despite being given the chance to flee from the Nazi’s many times in his life, Korczak stayed with his orphans, even after they were sent to an extermination camp. Korczak was given yet another chance to escape but he stayed with his orphans till death. We hope our humble offering of this song shares Korczak’s legacy and reminds us what true self-sacrificing love looks like.

That’s such an awe-inspiring story! You’ve got some mighty riffs and breakdowns going into your EP ‘The Comforter’ which is out later next month.  Going into this EP, what were your inspirational influences musically?

Thank you for the kind words! IN ALL HONESTY (WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE), this EP took so long because we didn’t really have musical or lyrical direction. We rewrote some of the songs a couple of times over and after bashing our heads against the wall, we somehow came up with this. We weren’t exactly prepared as we were still demoing songs as we recorded others. The pressure and being pressed for time brought some good ideas out of it but we are not doing that again.

What do you want fans to take from your forthcoming release? Is there a message they should look out for or just enjoy the ride?

Something about us is that we want to bring joy and all-round good vibes through our music. Though the overarching theme of this EP is bringing people comfort, hence the EP’s name. Each song is profound for us in its own way and we hope that it’s something that anyone listening can connect with. We also hope the musical ride is just as enjoyable!

‘Despite All This’ was the first single you launched earlier this year, and it’s a solid intro for you. Can you tell us the inspiration behind that song?

From a compositional and musical standpoint, this is one that our Thom (our drummer) had written from start to finish but it was also the one that went under the most changes/revisions. We just rewrote some of the parts in the song, changed the key it was in just to accommodate the various musical tastes of the band and this is what we came up with. There’s a fair bit of guitar work on this one and the harmony itself is a bit interesting.

Lyrically, the idea of this song came when we heard of a mass murder of Christians in the third world. We felt that this topic is often ignored in the West and we wanted to shed some light on this issue and with the goal of writing and anthem of hope to people in these dire situations. Additionally, we wrote this song for anyone going through a rough time regardless of belief, political stance or country of residence.

So I’ve been dying to ask you this… Are you all looking to be recruited by Tom DeLonge and his mission towards space?

We were kinda hoping that you may have his phone number so we can get that sorted. We want to go on his mission because COVID-19 doesn’t exist in space. Also, aliens are real and we must learn the ways of Aliencore.

We’re still trying to get Tom to answer our calls to host Episode #100 of Up Against the Wall! Obviously with Covid-19, gigs aren’t really a thing, so what plans may you have in the future to continue spreading your sound in the Australian music community?

We have begun writing a heap more material, with more videos and more content and more shenanigans to share with everyone. So please stay tuned.

Anything else that we should know about?

For now… expect the unexpected.

I feel like Tom would recruit you all in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for the chat boys!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)
debut EP The Comforter is out July 10th. Pre-save here

The Comforter - EP Art.png

AENON – The Comforter EP tracklisting:

1. Pensive
2. Korczak
3. Despite All This
4. In All Honesty
5. The Comforter

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