Grey Daze Drop Music Video For ‘B12’ With Appearances From Head And Munky Of Korn

In case you had a super busy weekend and missed this on Saturday, Grey Daze have released a music video for their track ‘B12‘! Can you wait until June 26 for Amends? I can’t. ‘B12‘ features contributions from Head and Munky of Korn, has racked up over 210,000 views in just two days and has the Head saying of the track:

“…the range, the power, the melody, and the flow… it sounds like he’s (Chester) in his prime.”

“Everything we’ve done surrounding the upcoming release of Amends has been to honor Chester,” explains Grey Daze co-founder and drummer Sean Dowdell. “The video for ‘B12’ is no exception. We wanted to celebrate all that has been accomplished in seeing Amends, a release he had wanted to bring to life, and in this video we not only brought his lyrics to life, we also were able to feel his presence as we performed alongside his vocal track.”

Amends is the origin story of one of modern rock’s most recognizable voices and also a full circle moment among friends. And in anticipation of the album’s release in a couple of weeks, here’s a little snippet about the guest appearances on the album from an interview (to be released soon) we did with Sean.

“Head and I are friends back from 2004, and Head and Munky came in and they just wanted to pay their respects to Chester, they loved Chester and they just wanted a way to say thank you for the things that he did in the world as a human being and a musician. And then everyone else was either a close friend of Chester’s or people that Chester was influenced by that he would have wanted to play with, or people that were really influenced by Chester that wanted to play with him and show their respect… We brought in a vocalist that Chester loved, LP, he had never met her but absolutely loved her voice. I remember him freaking out about a song she did called ‘Lost On You’ in 2016. So when we were looking for a female vocalist we brought it up to our mutual friend and he reached out and she said yes right away because she was a big Chester fan.”

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Grey Daze – Amends tracklisting

1. Sickness
2. Sometimes
3. What’s In The Eye
4. The Syndrome
5. In Time
6. Just Like Heroine
7. B12
8. Soul Song
9. Morei Sky
10. She Shines
11. Shouting Out


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