Tides Collide ‘Hoping to Stand Out By Playing To Our Strengths’

Upcoming Melbourne metalcore outfit Tides Collide are cultivating the sound on metal as we know it today. The four-piece have just dropped their debut self-titled EP (our review here) and it’s a neat 6-track EP full of “monstrous growls, atmospheric guitar riffs and chunky breakdowns”.

The band are heavily influenced by the likes of Parkway Drive and Killswitch Engage, but they’re also keen to see how they can make their own mark in the metal world here in Australia and beyond. We caught up with the band to find out just that, and more.

Hey guys! Congrats on dropping your debut EP this week! How would you describe this release in one sentence to a potential new fan?

Hey, thank you so much for having us! Tides Collide’s self titled EP is a traditional metalcore album with contemporary ideas incorporated, with catchy melodies, devastating breakdowns and heart-grabbing lyrics.

Prior to the full EP release, you dropped two tracks ‘Not the End’ and ‘Crowned’, which were both solid debuts from you. Can you tell us the inspiration behind these songs?

Both ‘Crowned’ and ‘Not the End’ were written from personal experiences within the band. ‘Crowned’ is a story of replacement, inspired by two close friends that had a strong relationship which ended by one trading the other for someone that had just recently come into their life, ultimately caring less and not having time for the established bond.

‘Not the End’ was written to commemorate a friend that had lost his life suddenly. Lyrically, this was a really tough one to write for us. Mental health is an extremely touchy topic, so we wanted to not only address the topic and pay homage to our friend, but create a piece that is emotional with undeniable strength. From all of us at Tides Collide, we hope that people going through similar experiences can find solace and can move forward with peace of mind. We generally leave our lyrics open to interpretation so, if you’ve had similar experiences with some of the stories we tell, you can connect and possibly relate a lot stronger to the song instead of writing in a linear form.

For sure! This is why we turn to music in the first place – to get through hard times and finding solace. For an upcoming heavy act, your music definitely shows maturity and strength, which is generally something I notice in the more established metal acts like Parkway Drive and Wage War! Is this something you as a band strive to encourage fans to be through your music?

Thanks so much for the comparison, we love those bands! Music carries so much history and culture, and we definitely encourage fans to look at the roots of the metal and hardcore scene, as well as broaden their musical horizons. Metalcore seems like a vague genre in this day and age, but we hope to stand out by playing on our strengths and loving the music we create. 

You guys are a DIY-self managed band, which is great to see and awe-inspiring. Following in the footsteps of one of your influences, Parkway Drive I see! But it can’t be easy. Have you come across conflict yet, and how do you resolve any band conflict?

Organising our own shows, managing all our socials, creating our own visuals and contacting promoters, press and media ourselves, is definitely a heavy workload! Whilst we have only been a band for a short amount of time, we’ve learnt so much along the way and have established a really great professional dynamic between us. With conflicts, we prefer to resolve them in person before it escalates, and are quite growth oriented in approaching challenges. Often it’s as simple as bringing up a heated topic and fleshing out the problem: What worked? What didn’t? How can we move on and grow from this? 

Right on! You guys must be self-critical experts now! With live music off the table for now, how are you looking to spread your music to audiences?

With venues currently closed, we are getting our music heard through the press. So online outlets, such as yourself, podcasts, interviews, digital magazines and radio content, give us a much appreciated platform to provide our music and share our thoughts through. Whilst it’s unfortunate we couldn’t promote our music through shows and word of mouth, we are extremely grateful that we have online methods to promote our music. So a huge thank you to Wall of Sound: we would be in a rut if it wasn’t for outlets like you. 

And in today’s current world situation, how are you keeping it together?

We keep up to date with each other by messaging and calling daily! With the amount of work we have to do it’s rare to find a time where we are not all talking about something. We are also constantly checking in with one another, because in this time, it’s easy to wake up in a poor state of mind, but we are a diligent bunch so everyday we manage to maintain a good level of communication and productivity.

Absolutely! It’s so easy to get stuck in a negative state of mind, and I love keeping myself productive as a coping mechanism. So looking into the future, what’s next for Tides Collide? What’s your main focus?

As it stands now, we are continuing to promote our music and are looking at putting together our first headline show once things get better. We’ve been writing new music in the background which might form part of our next project. With our catalogue of only three shows so far, we are so eager to take the stage again and to continue our path down the heavy scene and bring out music and vision to more eyes and ears.

I for one cannot wait for that day. It’s so close I can almost taste that first gig beer! Thanks for hanging out guys!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

Tides Collide’s self-titled EP is out now. Check them out here


Tides Collide – Tides Collide tracklisting

1. Outlier
2. Lost Sight
3. One Final Effort
4. Crowned
5. Not The End
6. Truenorth

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