Video Premiere: Glass Ocean Debut Brand Spanking New Video For ‘Voyage’

Isolation is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when it affords you more time to be listening to bands and albums, it’s not that bad, right? Well, we have another band for you to be delving into, and it’s Glass Ocean! The prog/rock Sydney locals have their debut album on the way and have just released their second single titled ‘Voyage‘.

There’s a lot going on under the surface here so we had to grab a hold of vocalist, Tobias Atkins, to squeeze some more information out of him AND to premiere their brand new music video for you all!

Hey Tobias, The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else is your debut album, and your last EP was in 2015, what have you guys been up to over the last couple of years?

Mainly playing shows and writing/recording the album. Slowly building momentum in the live scene and establishing ourselves as a touring band that prog and rock fans would want to see. We took our time writing the record but chose not to rush the end result.

‘Voyage’ is your newest single and it seems to have quite a deep meaning. Can you give us some backstory on how this song was formed?

‘Voyage’ is about being young and stubborn. It follows the journey of two brothers desperate to reach a destination they know they aren’t ready for. Along the road to this place nature, in all her mysterious power, gives them fair warning that the path they’re on is wrong and treacherous. They ignore this warning and stubbornly journey forward without regard. In the end they feel the consequences for doing so and by the end of the story, they understand their place and disrespect to nature for choosing the wrong path.

You collaborated with ex-founding member Nic Pettersen (Northlane) and he co-wrote quite a few songs on the album too, including ‘Voyage’. What elements does he bring to the table?

Nic is a founding member of Glass Ocean. As a songwriter he has always been there to take the music to a new and interesting place. His sense of rhythm and timing are integral to the band’s sound and feel. We have written music together for a long time and his place in the band is still vital part of the writing process.

The music video has a strong fantasy feel and the underwater work is amazing. Can you tell us how it relates to the song and did it all come together as planned?

The story of the song is actually based on a real life experience I had with a best friend. For the music video, we tried to recreate some of the elements with a fantasy spin. This allowed us to tell the story on a grand scale. 

Our visual partner in crime, director, cinematographer and visionary wizard Adrian Goleby and amazing Jonathan Creed as producer worked together to flesh out how we would logistically shoot something like this. We shot one day at a green screen studio and another day at a local aquatic centre. We had a fantastic team of actors and crew who went beyond our expectations. After the shoot Adrian spent a lot of time in post, creating the world in which the story was to be told. It was a process that was both delicate, frustrating but also intensely rewarding. We are very grateful for his incredible work.

Your album is out August 21st, has COVID-19 thrown a spanner in any of your plans for its release?

Not at all. Before COVID the plan was always to initiate the release campaign in May with the album being released in late August. When COVID happened we realised the silver lining was we could release music at a time when people were at home on their computers and seeking out new music. It has sandbagged plans in very small ways but overall it actually turns out to be a great time to release new music.

Let’s assume that touring is a go by September, what would your album tour look like? Full on? An east coast tour only?

If all goes to plan it will be an east coast run with Adelaide included. We will be playing bigger venues than usual and bringing a higher production/entertainment value to our shows. Being our first album we want to make it a memorable experience for everyone.

Is there anything you’d like people to know about Glass Ocean as they listen to this ‘Voyage’ and get excited for the album?

‘Voyage’ is the cornerstone of the album. It alludes to the story of the album in a subtle way. If you enjoy the song and the lyrics, I hope you will find something within our debut album that is special just to you. The story is something very personal that I hope people as they listen can relate to and feel very deeply. It’s raw, honest and a journey I hope they enjoy taking, hopefully time and time again.

Interview by Ebony Story

The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else is out August 21st.
Preorder here

glassocean album

Glass Ocean – The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else tracklisting
1. Voyage
2. A Dream From Which I May Not Wake
3. Beyond Us
4. Asteroid Blue
5. Burn
6. Soul Slumber
7. Divide
8. Bolero
9. Pride
10. Self and Sacrifice
11. Almaida


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