Waxflower Release New Single ‘Sixteen Floors’ + Announce Signing to Rude Records

Brisbane pop punk quartet Waxflower are only less than a year old, but in their young career, the four-piece have bloomed rapidly. The band have toured with Australian pop punk heavyweights Stand Atlantic and Between You and Me and nailed an opening slot with international sensations Simple Plan… all without an EP or full-length release!

The band are now full speed ahead with their blossoming music career and have signed an international deal with Rude Records. To celebrate the signing, the guys are dropping a brand new track called ‘Sixteen Floors’ and it’s an infectious anthem for saying goodbye and closing the door on relationships. Frontman Tristan Higginson shares:

“’Sixteen Floors’ was written at the end of a relationship, and along with my anxiety and panic disorder I was facing a new kind of sadness, with the backbone of my emotional support system gone. The song served as a vessel for all the negative thoughts and emotions that I wanted to externalise, but couldn’t. I remember that writing session being very fast, and very cathartic.”

Actually cannot get enough of those throwback vibes to Kisschasy guys! Keen for that full-length debut now!


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