Tides Collide – Tides Collide (EP Review)

Tides Collide – Tides Collide
Released: June 6, 2020

Tides Collide Lineup:

Tom McNulty | Vocals
Justin Wong | Guitar & Vocals
Jared Tilton | Bass & Vocals
Angus Wang | Drums

Tides Collide online:


They say first impressions are everything and I can assure you, Tides Collide have absolutely ensured their self titled debut EP leaves nothing but a well deserved mark that won’t go away anytime soon.

Tides Collide come to us from Melbourne and Warrnambool and although this is their first EP release, they’re no strangers to the world of heavy music. Incorporating themes throughout such as grief, bravery, strength and power, the band hold a fiery charisma that will continue to engulf the world of metalcore from here on out.

The EP opens with ‘Outlier’ and leaves no time for rest, plunging straight into some deep, tasty vocals. Mcnulty’s voice gives off big Wage War vibes, hitting juddering lows and screeching highs right out of the gate. Wong also introduces himself by taking us straight to riffage heaven, with accelerated chords completely worthy of their own guitar solo.

Winning the award for “Crowd Favourite” is track ‘Lost Sight’. The main guitar passage is super upbeat and tight and the poppy chorus and symphonic bridge will have everyone in the venue swaying along.


Now don’t be fooled by the angelic vocals at the beginning, ‘One Final Effort’ is packed full of abrasive vocals, guttural screams and catchy guitar riffs. It may however sound a little same-samey in that it could have been released 10 years ago, not a lot of sound progression or experimentation here in comparison to some of the other tracks. Still overall it’s an easy listen, just not a stand out.

Crowned’ was the band’s debut single and is my favourite track from the EP. Including a melodic chorus, pounding drums and chunky guitar riffs, you know it’ll be such a good time live. Even with the drop out of the guitar, the single tap of a cymbal and the growling of lyrics ‘your own grace’, I was not prepared for the almighty breakdown in this song. This will well and truly make you want to break out of isolation and get back into a mosh pit ASAP.

The second release was ‘Not The End’ and honestly, I am glad it’s not the end of this EP yet. The overall structure of this track is undeniably masterful, integrating chunks of guitar and drums that plunge in and out creates a sense of great anticipation and hysteria leading up to the harmonious chorus. Not only is the overall sound great and full of raw emotion, but the writing and meaning behind this song will speak to a lot of people who have had to deal with grief due to the loss of a loved one. The final enraged scream of ‘Rest In Peace’, hits like 100 tonnes of bricks and leaves no chance to run away from your emotions.

Truenorth’ is a slow burn track and incorporates echoey screams and melodic guitar chords. I really enjoyed this track as it is such a big step away from the norm of metalcore, it’s almost like an acoustic cover but without even slightly pulling back on Mcnulty’s powerful vocals. It’s a great ending to the EP cementing the fact that not only are Tides Collide here for the long run, but their journey will continue to surprise and push the boundaries.

Tides Collide have not only knocked down the entrance doors to the metalcore world, they’ve used monstrous growls, atmospheric guitar riffs and chunky breakdowns to completely obliterate everything in their path. Definitely one to add to your watch list and of course, your playlist!


Tides Collide – Tides Collide tracklisting

  1. Outlier
  2. Lost Sight
  3. One Final Effort
  4. Crowned
  5. Not The End
  6. Truenorth

Rating: 7/10
Tides Collide is out tomorrow. Check them out on Spotify
Review By – Rhiannon Porter (@rhiannonporter)

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