Poppy Covers t.A.T.u.’s ‘All The Things She Said’ For Pride Month

Back in 2002, Russian electro-pop act t.A.T.u. released their first English singing album 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane upon the world and blew up following their controversial music video for ‘All The Things She Said’ which was banned from MTV Russia because it contained depictions of lesbianism and supported gay rights. We loved it here in Australia, it went to #1 on the charts and has since been covered plenty of times over the years (more recently, a metal cover was dropped by Lena Scissorhands from Infected Rain & Nika Comet of Chase The Comet).

Now it’s Poppy‘s turn who says she intended to release the cover in time for Pride Month, but a much bigger issue arose (as we all know now):

This cover song was delivered to my label over two weeks ago, with the purpose of being released in time for Pride Month. Unfortunately, in the time elapsed since then, we’ve been faced with a tragedy that calls for our much needed attention. While we are still fighting for equality in the lgbtq+ community, we still have a long way to go, and there still remains an absurd amount of injustice for minorities in America. I cannot adequately express my distain for how our government, and above all, our president is reacting to what’s happening in America right now. I encourage you to educate yourself, go out and protest, donate, and raise your voice to speak out against this injustice. I’ll also be sharing a few links to donate to if you have the means to do so. I stand with you in love ❤️ -Moriah

It’s more on the pop rock side, so if you’re here expecting a weird and wacky metal cover, you’re gonna have a bad time, but if you wanna hear Poppy covering one of the most controversial acts of the 2000’s, then strap yourself in!

Listen to the track on your fav streaming app here

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