Ummm… Is This Alpha Wolf’s New Album’s Tracklisting?

Inspector Browny is on the case again… Remember last month how Greyscale Records were teasing something creepy about a quiet place to die? (note it wasn’t the soundtrack for A Quiet Place 2…) Well, we’re etching closer to that date they had mentioned, June 3rd, and we asked you to hit up the boys for more clues as they weren’t telling us jackshit!

Bearded boy wonder (and part-owner of Greyscale Records) Josh Merriel tweeted back what was first to be believed as a Gravemind clue using the below photo of Harry Potter’s Dumbledore (because, you know, Dylan Gillies-Parsons from Gravemind has an impressive beard and all).

Cryptic as fuck, BUT when you think inside Harry Potter world and chuck your very own Lumos charm on the image (aka play around with the lighting/contrast etc)… something, actually fucking comes up and low and behold, you’re left with what appeared to be the tracklisting for an album which we think is titled This Is A Quiet Place To Die and a couple of things stand the fuck out that points in Alpha Wolf‘s direction…


Remember on the band’s tour with Polaris back in February how they debuted a new song that was absolutely hard to remember the name of, let alone how to spell it!? That track was called ‘Akudama’ and look where that comes up on the above image. Track #4 right under yet ANOTHER hint that it’s an Alpha Wolf album tracklisting, ‘Golden Fate; Isolate‘, which could be a third in the series to the band’s tracks ‘Golden Fate; Water Break‘ and ‘Golden Fate; Gut Ache’ from their debut album MONO.

We know the band have new music on the way, but you can bet your fucking bottom dollar that this right here is the titles of the new songs they’ve got ready to unleash upon us for the follow up.

The teaser date was June 3rd at 9:00am (AEST!?) so keep your eyes peeled then for a potential announcement from AW camp!

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