Wake the Blind Debut New Single ‘Patient’ Featuring Wither’s David De La Hoz

Melbourne nu-metalcore newcomers Wake The Blind have announced their new collaboration with Wither’s David De La Hoz today, and we are all for this. The single is an explosive track of guttering vocals, screams and constant breakdowns…with an all-too-important underlying message: emulating how those with a mental illness are negatively perceived in today’s community.

We 100% love what these guys are doing with their music, so we just had to grab a chat with the band to find out more on the new song, having friends in all the right places (ie. David De La Hoz) and how they’re elevating their musical platform to help the community.

Hey guys! First up, who is Wake The Blind came about and what is your musical vision?

Hey, big thanks for the interview!  Wake The Blind began back in 2018, however we’ve been working hard the past year towards shaping our sound and image into what we actually want Wake The Blind to be. We’ve recently taken on two new guitarists, Anthony and Brandon. We’ve also been working hard as a team creating a solid brand and gearing up to properly launch the band with it’s fresh, Nu-Metalcore sound, which you’ll see with this coming release.

Your song ‘Patient’ is diving into the negative perceptions in society that those with a mental illness face every day. It’s an incredibly powerful song, and a song with equally as hard-hitting instrumentations too. How did you come up with such a unique concept for a topic that is prevalent in the metal community?

As a band, we unanimously decided to make an EP about a topic that makes people uncomfortable to talk about. Believing that mental illness, abuse and suicide are incredibly serious problems in our society, we wanted to create songs that (in our own way) explain different stories and scenarios that express some of these issues.  We hope that (even in a small way) we can make somewhat of a difference.

COVID-19 has brought on a new kinda lifestyle that has everyone being more aware of our health and mental well-being more than ever. What would you tell a fan if they were ever struggling in their day-to-day?

Take the time to turn a negative situation into a positive. Realising that I had all this time off, I’ve been playing games, learned how to cook and bake new things, made more music in different genres. Seeing as I can’t see my band mates or my friends, at least I am able to do something that allows me to take my mind off the negatives. Literally just try and occupy your day with learning new things.

Absolutely agree with this! And you guys seem to be doing good things so far, considering Wither’s David De La Hoz wants to work with you! Tell us how that came about?

Well, luckily David has been a very close friend of mine for the past 3 years, so keeping that close to mind i’ve always wanted to get him on a track as a feature.  For me it was about waiting for the right song to come along before I decided to present the idea to him. Luckily, David liked the song and was extremely keen on the project. David has done nothing but been an absolute asset to the creativity and sound of the song.

How did working with David help the band individually and as a band? Did he teach you any important life lessons?

I wouldn’t say necessarily that he taught the band any life lessons per say, but during my days of getting vocal lessons with David and just getting to know him as a person was great in the sense of having a mentor to go to.  The thing I enjoyed about having David around was the fact that he would always be upfront and critical with me, in the good times and bad. This was definitely the case during the collaborative writing efforts of the vocals for ‘Patient’.

With the absence of gigs and touring right now, how are you planning to engage with audiences and your fans in the meantime?

Considering the tough times that we’re currently facing due to the pandemic, we’re mostly aiming to focus our efforts to a constant content flow.  This will most likely be a mixture of songs, merch and maybe some other things that we can think of down the line. In all honesty, the best we can ask from our audience and fans is to continue to be patient for the presence of gigs, and touring to come back.  Until this point, keep supporting the bands you love because they’ll never forget the help.

I couldn’t agree more! We all gotta support each other during this time. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Prepare yourselves for an action packed year because we’re not holding back.  We’re here to make a name for ourselves, so get ready.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Absolutely! You guys stay safe too, and we’ll see you at a show soon (I hope). You guys are gonna kill it one day!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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