Autumn Atlantic – Reflections (EP Review)

Released: May 25th, 2020


Jeff Alsufiean // Bass
Syamin Musa // Guitar
Faizal Osman // Drums



If there is a time that’s as good as any to be recording and releasing music, it’s during an international lockdown when everyone is at home and can jam out all day long. Taking advantage of the world in isolation Singapore based pop punk band Autumn Atlantic have released their EP Reflections. The trio say they are heavily influenced by All Time Low, Yellowcard and Mayday Parade to name a few, and they hope to showcase their own brand of rock and pop punk with this EP.

First up on Reflections, is ‘Yesterday, Today And Always (My Heart)’, and as soon as it kicks in you can spot the early Yellowcard influence, think ‘Ocean Avenue’. The driving lyric of the chorus is ‘If only you could see through my heart’ which a brilliant line, and really does make you feel something. Especially if you’ve recently gone through a break-up! Track 2 is ‘Break Free’, and it’s full on fun and feel-good vibes. I definitely got up and danced around in my bedroom the first time I heard this one, and it’s probably my favourite track on the record. Dance, party, and headbang along to this song if you need a major mood and energy lift!

autumn atlantic

Give Me A Summer’ is track 3 and it instantly made me think of All Time Low and is especially pop-punky. I also really enjoyed the instrumentals of this track. It’s definitely a song that I can see people blasting poolside, in their car, at the beach in the summertime and rocking out. Track 4 is ‘Great Ocean Road’ and I’m feeling the Yellowcard vibes again, especially with the guitar riff which sounds a little bit like a violin. The bassline is also really tight, and combined with the drums is super tight. “Can you make me believe in, in you and me?” is probably my favourite lyric on the EP and is featured in this track. To wrap up this EP in a tight little package is track 5, ‘Dance Rock’ and has a really great intro. The best thing about this track is it lives up to its name, as you want to both dance AND rock out while you’re listening to it. I know I was definitely dancing and had to listen to it straight away after I already heard it once because I couldn’t get enough.

Autumn Atlantic have come racing out of the blocks with this EP and I’m really looking forward to hearing them grow, and seeing where they can go from ‘Reflections’.


AUTUMN ATLANTIC – Reflections tracklisting:

  1. Yesterday, Today And Always (My Heart)
  2. Break Free
  3. Give Me A Summer
  4. Great Ocean Road
  5. Dance Rock

Rating: 7.5/10
Reflections is out now and you can stream it here.
Review by Kelsey Trevan @kelsey_139

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