Sounds Like Bring Me The Horizon Have A Pandemic Anthem Coming Out

If you haven’t been watching Bring Me The Horizon‘s video updates, then you’re missing a gold mine of information about their upcoming album and to be honest with you, what else are you doing with your time!?

In the band’s latest clip, they’ve taken us behind the scenes of their lives during lockdown and shows fans that not only are they still working on new music remotely, but they’ve adapted to their surroundings and done it in a way that may change the way they record in future meaning we may see more and more releases from the band sooner than anticipated (they did mention they wanted to release more EPs as opposed to albums to keep the music flow happening a while back).

But, it looks like we may cop a new song from the boys soon as frontman Oli Sykes mentioned during the video that they were working on a track prior to the pandemic taking over and in a strange way, the song they were working on now reflects what is going on in the world around them:

“For anyone watching our YouTube series earlier this year, you’ll have heard us working on a bunch of songs, but one song we were working on in particular, really started to take on a new life, and although the inspiration from the song didn’t come from the current pandemic, as we were writing it, the similarities started to get weird I guess. It felt like, important for us to carry on with this song in particular, because the message really hits differently, because it feels like something we need right now”

To me, it seems like they’re talking about a new single and most bands do this to hype up that something is coming, so keep your eyes and ears peeled soon because we could be seeing new BMTH tunes in the not too distant future!

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