Jesse Leach Finally Debuted His Hardcore Punk Side Project The Weapon!

Jesse Leach is a busy man with plenty of time on his hands due to the rona pandemic… Touring has stopped Killswitch Engage from playing their new album Atonement across the globe and the forthcoming Times Of Grace album is surely not too far off either (as confirmed by Adam D when he co-hosted our podcast last year). So what else can you do when you’re stuck in isolation? Well, you finish off an idea you first started a few of years ago!

Jesse has hooked up with his hardcore punk bandmates in The Weapon and finally released their debut album A Repugnant Turn Of Events which is out now via Bandcamp for all to hear and froth over! The band consists of Leach on vocals, Andy Mass (drums), Chris Drapeau (guitar) and Josh Mihlek (bass) and their debut release features 9 fast and furious tracks you need to get in your ears!

You won’t be able to get the music on Apple Music/Spotify as of yet,  but the band confirmed that was coming at a later date:

It has already been a long time coming and given the current state of the world, we decided to fast track the release process of our debut record, “A Repugnant Turn Of Events”. Why no Spotify/Apple Music? A big portion of the proceeds for the first month of release will be going to help small venues in NYC during this economic shutdown that is threatening their existence. Needless to say, SALES will help more than STREAMS! Those platforms will have the record at a later date. We appreciate your support and patience! We are very proud of these songs and they are without a doubt very necessary at this time in history! Thanks fighters, lovers and friends. Keep on fighting the good fight. – The Weapon

Wanna hear it in full? Head here

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the weapon album

The WeaponA Repugnant Turn Of Events tracklisting

1. No Surrender
2.  Enforcer
3.  Slave State
4. Shotgun Anarchy
5. We Won’t Lose
6. Knuckle Up
7.  Pink Tax
8. Unstoppable
9. At What Cost


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