It’s Time To Say Hi To The Gold Coast’s Very Own Kid Fly!

Ahh the Gold Coast… My old stomping grounds! Home to Syphlysis Parasite (Surfers Paradise), LockYaDoor (Labrador, 4215 Represent!!), Southport State High Scool (eat shit all you teachers who said I’d do nothing with my life) and what seems to be an uprising in great local talent like Being Jane Lane, Skyway, Amy Shark and now a new addition to add to the collection called Kid Fly.

The pop punk/metalcore fusion act have caught our eyes with their latest single ‘You’re Pretty Sick Chubbs‘ (nice Happy Gilmore reference for those of you playing at home) and if you’re big on bands like A Day To Remember, New Found Glory, Heroes For Hire and State Champs then these guys are gonna be right up your alley! We grabbed a few of the boys from the band for a chat all about themselves, their forthcoming EP and, of course, life on the Mould Gold Coast!

Hey Kid Fly, thanks for sending over the new song! Firstly, mad props for the Happy Gilmore references, but are you guys old enough to remember that movie? haha

Will (Vocals) – So stoked you asked about that! I think the movie was released the year Julian was born haha. I was literally sitting there thinking “how the fuck are we gonna start this song?”. So I sampled the clip and put it at the beginning of the track. We all thought it was hilarious and it was was only fitting that we named the song after a quote from the GOAT.

Give us a rundown of the band, how’d you meet, form, get the name, all of that fun stuff?

Will – I’m pretty sure I was just really stoned one day and thought of the name. I thought Kid Fly could also be something, not just a name for the band. Kid Fly is our band mascot, he’s the dude on all of our cover art. Ian’s practically my older brother, he moved up here from Sydney and was sorta homeless so I told my parents he was moving in (I did ask, but it was happening either way). Pretty sure Caleb threatened to belt Julian with a stool in a bar and that’s how they met. Dylan we saw in an underwear catalogue and just had to have him.


The new track is the next in a series of singles for your upcoming EP Pull Yourself Up. Are the collection of songs from this release similar in style to ‘…Chubbs’ or will we see a vast array of genres on it?

Caleb (Drums) – All the songs on the EP vary in genre and are unique from one another. We tried to portray a vast set of musical ability from song to song to give the listener a choice in range of music. In Kid Fly we pride ourselves on being fans of every genre and style and we hope that this EP shows fans that we are capable of performing multiple styles.

I was immediately met with some major A Day To Remember vibes with this one, I’d be safe in saying those guys are a big influence on the band musically? Who else do you froth over?

Will – Yeah absolutely, as a band they’ve truly perfected mixing the happy with the heavy. Those dudes all loved pop punk and hardcore growing up and it’s sort of a similar story with us. Other then ADTR, some of our favourite bands are All Time Low, Rise Against, Good Charlotte, Stick To Your Guns, Nickleback (yeah, what of it?). Blink 182 and The Amity Affliction.

And for the newcomers, you’ve actually done a pretty decent reimagination of Polaris’ ‘Above My Head’ on your Facebook page. What do you find hits more – a great melodic section or a bangin’ breakdown?

Will – Thanks man 🙂 Coming at me with the real questions! I love that feeling when you hear a breakdown so gnarly that you can feel it, it’s actually an unreal feeling, but I have to say melody takes the cake, only just though. There’s just something magical about a good melody… Like the first time you watched a Disney movie.

Life on the Gold Coast has changed a lot since I departed back in 2010, what’s the local music scene like nowadays? Backyard gigs or can you actually play shows (prior to coronavirus fucking shit up for everyone)?

Will – Pretty shit to be honest, there are nowhere near as many shows as there used to be. A whole lot of venues got shut down and bands were finding it really hard to play. Whatever was left COVID got. When this all blows over we’re gonna be playing our asses off though

kid fly band

And if you were forced to head out for a night on the GC, where would you be inclined to visit out of these options: Surfers Paradise, Miami Shark Bar (RIP) and Southport Sharks?

Dylan (Guitar) – Go to Surfers, head straight to House Of Brews and eat and drink my body weight in wings and beer xoxo

Good. If you said anything about Cocktails & Dreams, Central or The Bedroom I’d have cut this interview short haha When are we looking at the EP getting released and what’s next for Kid Fly?

Will – The EP is being dropped as 5 separate singles, we’re keeping all of the dates a surprise but they aren’t far away at all. After that, we just want to play some damn shows! Everyone stay safe because when this madness has all blown over we’re gonna tear it up with some other great bands and have a real nice time.

Anything else you wanna say?

Brush your teeth, for real tho.

Thanks for the reminder!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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