Hear 2 New Tracks From We Are The In Crowd’s Weird Kids Era!

Had COVID-19 not become a worldwide pandemic, Slam Dunk Festival would be happening this weekend over in the UK, and the world would have witnessed the return of UK hardcore act Your Demise and…US pop punk outfit We Are The in Crowd! It seems the latter have something up their sleeves, regardless. The five-piece have dropped 2 “old” ( but new for most of us) tracks that appeared as bonus tracks on US CD editions when Weird Kids was released back in 2014.

Weird Kids was the last album the band released before they sadly called it a day in 2016. The two tracks, titled ‘Perfect Reason’ and ‘Waiting’ are available now on Spotify and will take you back to mid-2000’s pop punk. I have a feeling I won’t be able to stop playing ‘Perfect Reason’ all weekend either. It reminds me of some of the band’s feel-good classics like ‘Both Sides Of The Story’ and ‘Rumor Mill’.

Here’s hoping that when the world is right again, We Are The In Crowd get the opportunity to play for us again one day soon hey! (Good Things Festival, ya listening?!)


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