Fake Names – Fake Names (Album Review)

Fake Names – Fake Names
Released: May 8th, 2020

Band Lineup:

Brian Baker | Guitar/Vocals
Michael Hampton | Guitar/Vocals
Dennis Lyxzen | Vocals
Johnny Temple | Bass



Comprising of members from various old school punk bands, including Bad Religion and Refused, Fake Names are the latest supergroup that will spark the interest of fans of the original bands, and maybe even pick up a few new fans along the way, but might struggle to find an audience outside of those circles.

Their debut self-titled album clocks in at just under half an hour, but delivers 10 tracks that combine old school punk along with some catchy pop choruses, resulting in a sound that’s more reminiscent of a garage indie band you’d hear at your local corner pub.


Don’t get me wrong – that’s probably what Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker and his long-time friend Michael Hampton were shooting for, making it a great album to have on in the background while you’re hanging about the house. But for me it lacks an energy that gives most punk (that I listen to anyway) that spark that their original bands possess.

Still, songs like Brick’ and First Everlasting’ are catchy, and maybe in a live environment these songs might earn a proper mosh pit from a punk crowd, while I can imagine the opening track All For Sale’ and Being Them’ sounding great on an older vinyl setup.

In fact, the whole album is something you are likely to hear cranked up in your local record store on a Saturday arvo, providing the background soundtrack while you peruse the ‘new rock’ section.

There’s some great guitar moments in here though – Weight’ has a great opening riff, while Heavy Feather’ has a great fuzz sound. And main vocalist Dennis Lyxzen brings with him that punk rock sneer that made his main band so infamous among punk circles.

Perhaps it’s just me and the influence of what I’ve been listening to lately, but I feel like Fake Names will please the older punks, while picking up the ears of indie devotees and vinyl hipsters, however those who like their rock sound a little more cranked in the gain department (that’s muso speak for more distortion) may find themselves struggling to pay attention to this one for more than one listen.


Fake Names – Fake Names tracklisting:

  1. All For Sale
  2. Driver
  3. Being Them
  4. Brick
  5. Darkest Days
  6. Heavy Feather
  7. First Everlasting
  8. This Is Nothing
  9. Weight
  10. Lost Cause

Rating: 7/10
Fake Names is out now via Epitaph. Pre-Order here
Review By – Simon Valentine (@SimonValentine1)

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