PREMIERE: Enlighten Your Senses with Dweller’s Heavy Hittin’ New Single ‘Devil You Know’

Melbourne metalcore just got way aggressive, with five-piece Dweller roaring in with their brand new song ‘Devil You Know’. This track is absolute mayhem, with its monster breakdowns and emotionally driven words tying it altogether, akin to that of Australian heavyweights Northlane and Polaris.

The new track appears off the band’s forthcoming EP, White Rabbit, and encapsulates self-awareness and identity of one’s self. Before you check out the song below though, we caught up with Dweller’s Ryan Mickan and Rory Bond to tell us all about their new track and what we can expect from the forthcoming EP, White Rabbit.

Hey guys! Can you tell us the story behind Dweller, so far and how you came to be?

Rory and I had the idea for this band almost 10 years ago now. All we knew at the time was we loved writing music together and that we shared a kismet vision of the sound we were trying to create. The coming years were a blur of life woes, head problems, and all that fun stuff in between. The possibility this would ever see the light of day faded many times, members coming in and out along the way, all the while we would just be building the material and trying to evolve the sound. We probably could’ve pulled the trigger on some earlier songs but the time just never felt right.

Fast forward to 2018, there was no band, but Matt and I were committed to bringing the sound to life. Rory, sharing this sentiment came on to help finalise writing on the eventual EP and record his parts but quickly fell back in love with songs and became a part of the fold again. A chance meeting at a Polaris show had me run into Andy who we’d played with in the past. He and good friend Dan came on board to fill out the line up soon after.

Your new single ‘Devil You Know’ features some meaty riffs and solid breakdowns, reminiscent of bands like Northlane and Architects. What’s the story behind this song? 

Definitely draw inspiration from both those bands, they’re veterans how could you not! This song was actually written around my own experiences of becoming aware, in every sense of the word. Obviously we can’t be perfectly self aware and conscious at all times but there’s this line that your mind can cross, when it can’t go back and your life is changed forever. That fear and anxiety we feel when refusing to accept something we’re becoming aware of.

You’ve got an EP titled White Rabbit releasing later this month, which I’m sure you’re stoked for everyone to check out. Who were you inspired by in regards to the concept of the overall EP? 

White Rabbit was inspired by bands like Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Underoath and many more and also from other mediums. We are inspired by everything from all walks of life. From music to film and art, anything creative really has played a part in the creation of White Rabbit.

DWELLER - White Rabbit EP [Cover Art]

Given gigs are a no go at the moment, what are you guys looking at doing in the meantime to keep fans engaged with your music? 

Given the times we’re just doing what any other band is doing. Keep writing, recording and dropping our content when we can.

The day we can finally see you guys perform, in 3 words describe what a Dweller set will be like? 

Raw chaotic energy.

Anything else you’d like to share with fans?

Follow the White Rabbit.

Ooh, keeping us all on our toes I see! You heard the boys – stay tuned later this month!

White Rabbit will be released May 22.

Interview By Tamara May (@citylightstam)


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