PREMIERE: Be Moved By Coridian and Their New Track ‘Good, For Nothing’

Australians love getting to know our neighbours across the ditch. We’re stoked to bring to you today the new single from New Zealand rock act Coridian. The lads are set to drop their brand new concept EP, Eldur on May 22nd and are releasing their new single ‘Good, For Nothing’ this week.

The band’s latest track is a hardening look at the way we depict our identity online and will take you on a journey of self-worth and discovery by way of pummelling rock and emotional vocal elements similarly contrasting our own Hands Like Houses. To celebrate the release of ‘Good, For Nothing’, we caught up with Dity and Kris to take us behind the scenes on what it was like in simulating their latest musical work.

Hey guys! Loving the big anthemic vibes on your new single ‘Good, For Nothing’! Very Hands Like Houses/Belle Haven. Can you tell us a bit more about what the song is about?

Dity: This song represents the constraints of growth and role models in many people’s lives, due to the negative impacts of social media & influencers. Where we have people doing real good in this world, but they don’t have the same respect as someone taking selfies 50 times a day. Especially in this current climate, are all the essential workers just Good, For Nothing?

Kris: It’s a song that is certainly close to home for me lyrically, social media like everything has good and evil, as a band it’s almost essential for us to use it but at the same time we find ourselves absorbed in too heavily at times and that can weigh you down.

And how do you hope to instil inspiration on your own social media to online audiences as “influencers” in a positive light rather than negative?

Dity: I think of myself as a simple musician doing what I love. I’m being honest, genuine & showing that I am a vulnerable human too. I personally struggle to be on social media these days, so I’d hope by sharing music, it connects with listeners and tells a story that comes from the heart, not for the intent of likes & hearts.

Kris: I think we just try to  share ourselves through our band social media, we try to be as real as possible online – as much as we can be anyway. It’s a changing game so it is always a new challenge to keep up to date and keep our audience interested.

Your forthcoming EP, Eldur, is due later this month, and is part 3 of a 4-part series. That’s a pretty cool concept release! Love that initiative, and it’s so relevant that Eldur happens to represent Fire during these trying times we’re going through. What message are you hoping to send out upon the release of part 3?

Dity: The idea of elements came from Kris a while back, and at the time it was a way to force us to release 4 EP/Albums, haha – but over time it’s helped me theme the lyrics. Eldur is the cleansing fire. Helping us to burn the bad habits, refocus into ourselves and radiate the positive back to the world. Whether it be to the loved ones around us, or how we treat our surroundings. Start from the heart and let the good spread. 

Kris: I love concept albums! Also what we have done with each release is have songs or ideas that connect each release together with some set up already for the next album too.
2020 there is definitely a lot of fire globally am I right? It’s dark times but like Dity’s lyrics reflect, positivity, growth and understanding is important.

You’re dropping Episode 3 of your online documentary series ahead of the EP today as well! Can you tell us a bit about what episode 3 entails?

Kris: God Damn Dirty guitars haha. It’s cool though,  each part focuses on each member and how we go about writing and recording. Something I have always enjoyed is band docos and behind the scenes stuff, like back in the day when you could buy the cd with the bonus disc. Can nerd out and see what gear people use and how they do things.

Dity: Ep3 features our main man Mike. He shares our approach in writing for Eldur.

I loved watching band documentaries too! What are your goals for the band over the next 6 months?

Dity: We’ve already written a handful of songs, and plan to write another handful (2 handfuls!) before we go into recording for our 4th installment. Which may or may not be a full length album. Haha. Otherwise, it would be amazing to play some shows again. Hopefully that’ll be allowed in the next 6 months?

Kris: Getting back onstage! Plus we made it our focus of 2020 to release more content so we will continue to do that and keep readily active.

Anything else to share with us?

Kris: Enjoy our music, share it with everyone you know, thanks for all the support so far it’s been amazing. Also shout out to all NZ band homies we miss you all!

Dity: A big thank you for everyone that’s supported us. From our family and friends, to complete strangers, who’ve now become good friends too. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I appreciate every moment – ups and downs.

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

Coridian will release Eldur on May 22nd. Pre-order here




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