Alice Cooper is Releasing a New Song This Month!

After a solid tour of Australia earlier this year (remember when life was normal? suss our show review here), the king of shock rock, Alice Cooper is at it again. This time, he’s set out to drop a brand new song called ‘Don’t Give Up’ on… May 15th! While this wasn’t the planned initial release, he’s actually finished the track while in isolation to get it out to us sooner and, here’s the best part. He’s calling on fans to get involved with the release too!

All you’ve got to do is send through a photo of yourself with one word from the song lyrics to be possibly included in the video. It’s just another way of how the music community is showing solidarity during these trying times. Alice Cooper agrees:

“This is a way for fans, regular folks who might be at home with free time and no place to go, to do something fun and positive that they’ll remember from this quarantine time instead of just remembering being cooped up.”

Details on how to get involved are here


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