FRND CRCL – Internet Noise (Album Review)

FRND CRCL – Internet Noise
Released: May 1st, 2020


Zac Johnson // Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Adam Skirvin // Vocals/Bass/Keyboards
Dom Giacalone // Guitar/Percussion/Backing Vocals
Aaron Smith // Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals



Dust off your Vans and grab that Blink-182 shirt out of storage…because it’s time to embrace your inner pop punk kid. Hailing out of New Jersey, USA, FRND CRCL are here to keep that old school spirit alive. While they’re still relatively new and upcoming, the five-piece drew me in with their latest single ‘Loose Cannon’ and I just had to get in on these guys now because I believe they’ll be making some “Internet Noise” these next few months with their new album, you guessed it… Internet Noise.


The album kicks off on ‘Something About You’ with a crunchy, gang-vocal led intro-chorus, which is unusual for a song to begin with the chorus, but it just goes to show the lengths these guys will go to keep innovating a genre that can sometimes become stale and generic through time. FRND CRCL kicks it up on the verse with a rap-style vocal, giving off early Sum 41 vibes, while also mirroring current UK pop punk pioneers Neck Deep and WSTR. It’s nostalgic, fun and fresh, all at the same time! ‘Deception’ sees the band hone in on a more melodic, emo edge that’s equally as fast-paced, and it features a cool guitar solo that I gotta highly commend on. This as progressive as a band in this genre can get. The lads are back to fun and fresh with ‘Loose Cannon’, which is so catchy I haven’t been able to get this tune out of my head from first listen. Those explosive riffs intertwined with cheeky lyrics are so reminiscent of days when Blink-182 and Sum 41 were owning the radio waves. Not to mention, the chorus is so fun to sing along to, over and over again!

The fun just doesn’t seem to stop though. FRND CRCL are all about that. ‘The Waiting Game’ is hook-filled with glee, combined with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and riffs fuelled by a passionate spark to keep the nostalgia alive. ‘For When Bombs Fall’ allows the band to refocus their energy more on fine tuning the music, while ‘End of the World’ sees FRND CRCL, a high-energy pop punk act pouring all their emotions out on a heartfelt belter. Feeling akin to what Simple Plan gauged on ‘Perfect’ and Sum 41 with ‘Pieces’, this track is the ultimate emo anthem showcasing intricate riffs inspired by some vulnerable song writing. This one is an absolute stand out on the album.

‘One Last Dance’ is the elusive “Party Song” on the record, with soaring Tom Delonge riffs, Enema of the State style. The song is a blistering anthem of catchy riffs, “whoa oh oh’s” and gang vocals and I look forward to witnessing this song hit the hardest at the next pizza party. FRND CRCL channel Aussies Between You and Me with their own take on dreams of fame and fortune. ‘Famous’ is a longing poke at celebrity culture and how we idolise Instagram influencers, constantly chasing the next trend. But we all know money isn’t everything, and on final track ‘Charlotte’s Web’ the band go back to basics with an acoustic heartfelt singalong reflecting on old flames and friendships. It’s a very sombre, wholesome end for a record full of intricately woven, explosive anthems.

Internet Noise is the album you need to cure that never ending urge for nostalgia. It’s no doubt FRND CRCL have stuck to the presumptuous cliche right throughout here, but they’re attempting to rejuvenate the genre with punchy bangers that are just as much cheeky as emotional. If you thought pop punk was dead, think again. Because it’s evident from bands like Simple Plan who are keeping that sound alive more than ever, that FRND CRCL are following suit and their “internet noise” will hit you in the feels in no time.  


FRND CRCL – Internet Noise tracklisting:

1. Somethin’ About You
2. Deception
3. Loose Cannon
4. The Waiting Game
5. For When Bombs Fall
6. End of the World
7. One Last Dance
8. Famous
9. Charlotte’s Web

Rating: 9/10
Internet Noise is out tomorrow. Get it here
Review by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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