Mayday Parade Drummer Jake Bundrick Has Started A New Solo Project, Via Fiori!

This one took us by surprise, but Mayday Parade frontman Derek Sanders isn’t the only one in the band spruiking his talents outside of the band. While Derek released a covers EP on Valentines Day this year, drummer Jake Bundrick is getting out from behind the kit and stepping up his vocalist duties into his own side project.

Bundrick’s new solo venture is called Via Fiori, and while it doesn’t stray too far musically from Mayday Parade, the project is completely self-produced with Jake stepping it up and showcasing his songwriting and producing abilities. He’s so far released two tracks, ‘Call to Arms’ and ‘I Need This More’, with third track ‘Don’t Bother’ making its debut this week.

Each track is equally as infectious as one another, Jake. Keep it up with the feel good jams!

As for Mayday Parade? No signs of them slowing down, as the band did release a new single called ‘It Is What It Is’ earlier this year.

Support Jake’s new venture Via Fiori here

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