PREMIERE: Melbourne’s Subside Deserve To Catch Your Glance With New Song ‘Wandering Eyes’

Every now and then, a new band emerges and fills you with that feeling of wholesomeness with their music and you can’t help but be drawn in by what they have to offer and that’s the way Subside made their way into our lives. Today, we get to show off their next musical offering in the form of their new song ‘Wandering Eyes‘.

Atmospheric post-hardcore rock is probably the best way to describe this one, which harks back to a couple of our fav bands growing up (as mentioned below), but don’t take our word for it, check out our chat with vocalist Hayden Oakley and guitarist Corey Cichowski to find out more about the track then give it a spin below…

Hey guys, loved the song from the second I hit play, very akin to that of Dream on Dreamer and The Getaway Plan. What was influencing you at the time of writing this banger?

Corey: Thank you man! Callan Orr (guitarist/producer) of Dream on Dreamer actually produces us, so funny that you mention that. At the time of writing the instrumentals I was listening to a lot of post-rock influenced and ambient music, such as ‘Daughter’, so I pretty much wanted to make a song that had those pretty, atmospheric elements blending with the energy of a post-hardcore/metalcore song.

Hayden: As far as the lyrics are concerned, I have been listening to a lot of emo music lately hahaha, I guess that’s where the romance elements come from – haven’t really thought about this yet, but that makes sense for sure.

And what inspired ‘Wandering Eyes’ to become the track it is now?

Corey: Some things that were going on in my life at the time had inspired me to start writing more as an outlet, and that’s pretty much how ‘Wandering Eyes’ came to be the track it is now. In terms of the music video, Hayden and I had a really similar vision of what we wanted and came up with the concept and ideas within like 15 minutes, and shout out to Jaydon Colvin and Ionei Heckenberg from Addict Media because they came in and bought our vision to life and absolutely killed it.

On the subject of the song’s title, let’s do a test to see where your wandering eyes would head with the following:

Metalcore or Pop Punk – Corey: Metalcore, never liked pop-punk haha

Club Shows or a Stadium Gig – Corey: I’d probably have to choose club shows. I love going to smaller shows and seeing friends and just hanging out, you don’t get those kind of moments at stadium gigs.

Album or EPCorey: Album for sure. A great album is what establishes a band and sets them apart from other artists, plus it’s more songs to listen to.

Hayden: Absolutely backed, albums are simply a more comprehensive work and there’s only so much an EP can achieve in conveying a message. In my experience, my most influential musical inspirations have come from great albums, with the exception of the Movements Outgrown Things EP; if you haven’t heard it, change that.

Drummers or Vocalists – Corey: Drummers, they’ve got a pretty hard role in the band

Now we got to know about your loyalties, tell us, who makes up Subside and how’d you all hook up?

Hayden: So this band started off as a series of bands that never came to fruition, Corey and Markus (guitarists) ended up coming together out of that period. From there, Corey found me online (vocals) and liked what he heard on my solo project (Lack.) so he asked me to come on board. I brought along my mate Pat (drums) from one of my old bands to round out the lineup.

What are you guys doing to make sure your sound stands out from the pack?

Corey: Our sound isn’t the most experimental or original to be completely honest, but what we want to do is make every song we release distinct from each other, and most importantly make sure they’re good songs. Our sound will inevitably change over time and may become different to what Subside is now, but right now our goal is to just release bangers that hopefully listeners can connect to.

SUBSIDE (Spotify Avatar)

Subside 2K20

With the coronavirus lockdowns we’re facing, it’s making it hard for bands to be seen in person, but what are you doing to make sure new fans catch a glimpse of Subside?

Corey: Yeah it’s a real tough situation for everyone at the moment with the coronavirus lockdown, managers, promoters, artists etc.. are all feeling it. As there’s pretty much no shows going ahead for the foreseeable future, we’ll be using that time to work on new music and we will be staying active on our socials in this time to keep people up to date. We just want to stay connected with everyone during this really weird and difficult time.

Have you had an awkward musical phase you wish would subside and never be brought up again?

Hayden: I’m still in my scene phase, to any of your readers, put me in your Top 10 UwU

Corey: Yeah backed

What’s the rest of the year looking like for you and your music?

Corey: With lockdown laws now in place, shows this year are pretty much off the table until we’re told otherwise, but you can expect new music from Subside this year. We will be working hard to create new content for listeners and doing our best to make the most of the pretty shit situation that a lot of artists are facing from coronavirus.

Anything else to add for potential new fans?

Hayden: Thanks for checking us out! If you like what you hear, follow us on Spotify.

Corey: stay safe, come to a show when it’s allowed haha

Look after yourselves legends! 

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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