Frank Iero and the Future Violents Share New Video ‘Medicine Square Garden’

If you’re still drying your eyes from the fact that Coronavirus took away the first My Chemical Romance tour in years, MCR guitarist Frank Iero is here to save the day (for now). Frank’s side project, Frank Iero and the Future Violents have shared a new music video for their track ‘Medicine Square Garden’, which appears off the band’s solo debut album Barriers (our review here).

The video itself is quite the retrospective; taking you back to the days of the 90’s, the days of the Blues Brothers, and … aerobics girls wearing legwarmers (which kinda reminds you of those mornings you woke up too early for Cheez TV and Aerobics Oz Style was on instead…boo!). Be sure to take a look if you’re over fitness influencers shoving their workouts in your face all over Instagram!

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