EXCLUSIVE: Inertia Offer Track By Track Insight + Debut Connexion EP Opener ‘Running On Empty’

Earlier this week we gave you our thoughts on the newest EP Connexion from Sydney post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Inertia (review here), and now we are absolutely spoiling you with yet another treat. To get you as keen as possible for the EP’s release on Friday, the band have been kind enough to give a sneak peek of the first track ‘Running on Empty’ and a rundown of each track.

If this isn’t enough to get you as excited for the EP as I am for my first drink in the valley after isolation is over, I don’t know how to help you, my friend.

After a melodic intro with warm guitars, ‘Running on Empty’ bursts into the electronic metalcore sounds that the band have skilfully littered throughout the EP. The band say that this song is one of their most ambitious and they pulled inspiration from the pop and RnB genres which can be heard in the soulful verses and bridges.  They then added their own flair which is heard in the technical instrumentation. The chorus is so catchy and hooks you in and has fantastic guitars behind the soaring vocals. Then the bridges and heavy breakdowns bring the whole song together to have a fantastic Issues type vibe. Honestly, talk about starting an EP off strong!

This song shows how damn talented every member of the band are from Julian Latouche’s vocals, the shredding guitars of Mark Williamson and Jesse Radloff, the funky bass of Oliver Smith and the super hard-hitting drumming from Jay Cusack. This song is only the beginning of an excellent EP so, as I said before, give it a listen and get keen!


‘Running on Empty’

The third single off Connexion and the last song written for it is about the toxic people in life that continually take from you and leave you feeling empty. The song conveys the idea that the best thing to do with these relationships is to understand the person won’t change, so it is best to leave them behind and move on.

‘Heavy Eyes’

This song is another with pop inspirations, but makes sure the band didn’t lose everything they loved about their 2017 EP Unlearn. It is also another that shows the collective culmination of all member’s talents. The vocals and lyrics are a nod to the classic emo bands we grew up listening to, and Latouche explains that the song is about watching a loved one struggle with their mental health. “It’s all about that feeling of helplessness but also having that drive to try and do whatever you can to help,” he says.


After supporting The Beautiful Monument on their album tour, Inertia was stunned by the character and quality of vocalist Lizi Blanco’s voice. So they pitched the song idea to her and were stoked that she was as keen as they were. It was evident as soon as work with Blanco started that she was the glue bringing the song together and her character and flair took a song that was destined to be unique and special right from conception, to the next level.

‘Reminisce’ is about the end of a relationship and helped Latouche through tough times, and he hopes it will do the same for listeners. He explains it is a genuine and raw song that means a lot to him, “I read through old messages between us [he and his ex-partner] to get an understanding of both our perspectives and how we were coping. I eventually decided to throw in some lines from those messages and even include some lyrics my ex wrote.”

‘Savior (To Know)’

As the first (and most technical) song written for Connexion, ‘Savior (To Know)’ helped gauge the direction of sound and ability the band wanted to move in for the EP. The inspiration for the lyrics came from a French horror movie that Latouche does not recommend to the squeamish.  He explains, “The movie and its themes hit me so hard and made me think a lot about what people do to each other over money, power, religion. It’s a topic that has plagued my mind for a long time, so pulling scenes and ideas from that movie and putting it in a crazy and sporadic song only seemed fitting.”


The band always knew they wanted a softer, more emotional song and knew from Williamson’s demo that this one was the winner. The band also knew they wanted an epic guitar solo in the song, so Radloff hit the studio and played with it until it was perfect.

Lyrically, Latouche struggled with this song, feeling drained of ideas, dealing with personal issues and eventually the stress and anxiety halted writing. Seeking solace in friends and working with friend and songwriter Lars Parto helped him to lay out what he was going through and get out his thoughts and feelings, ending up with a perfect match for the emotions of the song.

‘The Disease’

Finishing out the EP with the heaviest song, the band say it is due to the incredible music of their favourite heavy bands such as Thornhill, Silent Planet and Deadlights, that they were able to give the EP the heavy ending it deserved.

The song started as a gripe about the meat industry and its negative impact, but the Australian bushfires caused an evolution into an open letter detailing frustrations about both issues. Not usually one to write political lyrics, Latouche explains that the song was already pegged to be the sequel to ‘The Design’ from Unlearn and it felt like the right medium to funnel these frustrations and anger.

Words by Caitlin MacDonald (@cait_2tone)

Connexion is out this tomorrow. Pre-order here

Inertia Connexion 1080x1080

Inertia – Connexion tracklisting:

1. Running on Empty
2. Heavy Eyes
3. Reminisce (feat. Lizi Blanco)
4. Savior (To Know)
5. Disguise
6. The Disease

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