Reminder: Support Act’s Aus Music T-Shirt Day Is Friday!

In light of the current state of the music industry, Support Act has brought forward the ever so popular Aus Music T-Shirt Day to April 17th (yes, that is this coming Friday). If you didn’t know already, this day is precisely what the name suggests; it is a nationwide celebration of Australian music where you are encouraged to wear one of your favourite Australian band’s shirts so we can all show off our music tastes. However, it’s far less known what Support Act is and what they are aiming to achieve by hosting such a great event.

Support Act is Australia’s only charity providing relief services to musicians, crew and music workers as a result of ill health, injury, mental health issues or any crisis that impacts their ability to work. Their assistance takes effect in many forms, such as:

  • Providing referrals to other support services
  • Funding funerals
  • Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – This is a free, confidential 24/7 counselling service which was created for anyone working in the Australian music industry who feels to need to talk about any issues they may be facing in regards to their mental health with a qualified counsellor. This service is easily accessible on 1800 959 500
  • Paying rent or mortgage bills
  • Paying for car repairs
  • Paying credit card debt
  • Buying a bed
  • Buying a wheelchair if necessary
  • Paying phone and electricity bills
  • Paying dental bills
  • supporting friends and family seeking to raise money for an artist or music worker in crisis through their Help A Mate program

Support Act receives no money from any government agency. Therefore, they must fundraise to provide their services. Seeing as the music industry is currently in shambles, every dollar they receive will be put to great use. According to the crowdsourced initiative, I Lost My Gig Australia, the cancellation of thousands of events nationwide has cost the industry $330 million at the time of writing. So if you can spare some change, whether it be big or small, it will help Australian artists where the impacts of COVID-19 has hurt the most.

Feel free to donate to Support Act‘s COVID-19 emergency appeal here.

Piece by Adam Rice @adamrice1994

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