EXCLUSIVE: Open Door Management Launch Free Consultations For Bands During Coronavirus Pandemic

The music industry is in a spin right now with tour/show cancellations and postponements galore, albums/EPs being pushed back and amongst all of this, a call out to the fans has been made to help do their part to support their favourite acts and music venues… But what do bands do during this pandemic if they haven’t got the right connections or plans in place to keep their heads above water?

That’s where Open Door Management‘s Chris O’Brien and Josh Smith come into play and today they’ve announced exclusively with us that they’ll be opening their doors (pun intended) to those bands/musicians who are lost without proper direction during these uncertain times by offering advice and assistance via free consultations and planning meetings to work out what comes next.

We caught up with the guys to chat further about their plans and intentions and to find out what exactly is on offer for those who are interested and want to get in touch for some help…

Hey guys, great initiative you’ve got there. Firstly, tell us how this idea came about and why you wanted to jump in and help?

We were discussing the difficulties surrounding all our artists and how this has thrown all of our short and long term plans into a tailspin. We then thought, imagine all the artists out there without representation that don’t have access to resources to ask the appropriate questions. We felt there would be a lot of acts out there very unsure of their futures and not knowing where to turn. As a business built from both sides of the industry, we have the ability and feel an obligation to help.

None of us have experienced a shutdown like this and there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty with bands wondering if they’ll be able to cope, especially if they’re not quite established yet. Do you see a successful future during this time and should those bands adopt a “don’t stress you’ll be fine” mentality if they do the right thing?

The key is to remain positive as the industry WILL bounce back at some point. The ones that are prepared and ready to launch will be the ones who push forward. It’s important to keep everyone remaining as positive as possible. It’s important for artists to have contingencies in place if their plans do not come to fruition, and a great opportunity for them to work on the currency that keeps this industry going – songs!

“We are just offering our services free of charge to offer advice… Sometimes it’s good to get an outside perspective and gather as much information as possible for artists to then make the decisions that best suit their predicament.” – Chris O’Brien on Open Door Management’s consulting idea

What kind of ideas will be discussed in these consulting sessions?

Everything from touring plans, label releases, merchandise strategies, social media strategies etc. Whatever the artist is struggling with the most we will be opening our doors to discuss with them.

Instead of giving up completely now, what’s one bit of advice you’d pass on to get bands thinking and to hopefully reach out for your help.

Our advice would be don’t give up. If you have worked this hard to get where you are don’t let this situation stop you.

And that’s the main thing that needs to be remembered during this period, just because the world has stopped doesn’t mean you need to as well. Like most of the bands we’ve spoken to, they’re using this time to work on new material for the future and what better way to do that when stuck in isolation, as the world around you is in turmoil (surely that’ll make for some great material the reflect back upon in years to come).

It’s also something Open Door Management recommend as well:

“Many of the greatest pieces of art come from the most difficult times, channel that energy into place you know best!”

Want to know more, head to the Open Door Management website Or get in touch via email here. Stop fretting and start planning ahead!

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