PREMIERE: Melbourne’s End Of Days Are Here… With Their Debut Single ‘A World Reborn’

In a world surrounded by chaos, the heavy is making its way out from the underground to deliver spine chilling tales of the world around us and today we’re stoked to be premiering the debut single for Melbourne’s latest heavy act to come out called End of Days!

The lads have delivered a brutal headbanger’s delight in the form of ‘A World Reborn‘ which reflects on the world around us and the mental struggles we personally face on the daily. Written well before this coronavirus pandemic took hold of the globe, it now eerily serves as a somewhat soundtrack to the madness we’re experiencing.

We caught up with the band to discuss their conception, their surprise international vocalist and what the future holds for them…

Hey Guys, you couldn’t have picked a better name to round up the madness we’re experiencing right now with this pandemic. How are you all looking after yourselves?

Sean Z – Sitting at home wondering when and if this will ever end , Atlanta (US) was finally put on lockdown!! So in the meantime, it makes for a shit load of gaming and also time to work on music.

Brock Wing Jan – working on new E.O.D tunes and spending time with my wife and little boy…

Tim B – it’s pretty much the same as Brock to be honest. Spending time with my Wife and 3 kids and writing new drums for riffs I get sent.

On top of that, you’ve debuted your first single with us which I’m so stoked to share with the world. Once again ‘A World Reborn’ has a grim and heavy sound behind it, is it reflective on the world we have now or what inspired this jam?

Sean Z – We basically can’t escape the news, it is in every facet of our daily lives. Even if you try to avoid it, someone you know is watching it and they make sure to keep you updated. So even if you locked yourself in a hole, by now you’d most certainly have heard of COVID-19, and this song is a direct reflection of that. The inescapability of the media frenzy, that has made this thing way worse than it ever should have been. Basically changing the way we think about this could have prevented a lot of stupid deaths.

The TLDR: Worlds fucked, media made it worse, tomorrow’s another day.

You’re not wrong there. Away from the madness for a second, give us a rundown of the band!

Tim B – Who’s in the band, we have Sean Zatorsky on vocals, Brock Wing Jan (ex-Upon Worlds End) on guitar, Tim Butler (ex-Behold the Defiant) on drums, Andrew Borg (ex-Upon Worlds End) on guitar, Tim Parkinson (ex-Upon Worlds End) on guitar and Nick Dimitrievski on Bass.

We came to be in a very short time, Brock myself and Andrew first got together in January started writing. After the first session and talks, we thought we would give it a try and have 3 guitars. So we got Tim P in the next session along with Nick D.

After 2 weeks we ended up having 3 demos to send off to a vocalist at the time we weren’t sure who to ask. We had a number of people in mind but we also wanted to think of outside the box and well I then asked Sean Zatorsky if he’d be interested. Along with sending him out songs. The next day I had our songs returned with lyrics on them. It was just meant to be so to say.

You’ve managed to score Sean Zatorsky (of Daath and Sinsaenum) on vocals. How’d you to pick up that legend and how do you make it work location-wise?

Tim B – So back in 2018 Sinsaenum toured Australia. I was lucky enough to be asked to drive the tour bus, to this day I still thank Buzz for that haha. Anyways Sean and I were in contact for a few months prior to them coming to Australia. We’ve been in contact ever since. He’s done vocals on other tracks I’ve done also. Getting him into the band was well just a simple ask haha. Given he’s in Sinsaenum we know that this is a little project for him and for us is a massive one. Making it work that’s a good question. I don’t know how we are making it work. We are taking it one step at a time. The next step is getting him to Australia and get a tour going.

In this current landscape, it’s pretty hard for new bands to emerge and stay afloat, are you finding the isolation a struggle to work together or have you been working on material for a while now?

Brock Wing Jan – No not at all we all record stuff and bounce ideas off each other a lot of phone calls haha but it’s easier than I thought it would be. although Tim B would be missing my jalapeno poppers haha

Tim B – being isolated ain’t too much of a hassle with us the way we started writing was basically online to begin with. So having to isolate and be away from each other won’t be so difficult. Tho I’ll miss the bbq’s and Coors haha hopefully this doesn’t go on for too long.

I remember being 12 years old and going to the movies to see Arnie in End of Days and loved it. What do you all think is the best end of the world movie and why?

Sean Z – Terminator 2 Judgment day… James Cameron T1000, and that damn nuke scene ruined me for so many years as a kid. Where Sarah Connor Clung to the Fence and melted away….Epic

Brock Wing Jan – That’s a tough one honestly haha but its a movie about the end of the world which didn’t end haha Terminator 2 Judgment Day

Tim B – I got nothing haha there’s too many to choose from but if I was made to answer I’d say a comedy end of the world movie cause we have to have a laugh sometimes yeah? I’ll go with Seth Rogen’s This Is The End

Touring and playing shows is hard right now, but once all this clears can we see you lads on the road?

Tim B – we are aiming to try and get on the road sometime in 2021, given Sean being in Atlanta we want to take our time and book tours instead of just 1 off shows. We will get on the road and that’s a promise.

What else have you got cooking that we should be keeping our eyes and ears on?

Sean Z – Always working on new Sinsaenum and End of Days at the Moment

Tim B – We are currently writing for our debut album, We have 6 songs written we just wanted to get something out to show our friends and people around the world.

Anything else to add?

Sean Z – Stay inside and wash your damn hands, let’s get rid of this shit so we can get back out and play again.

Brock Wing Jan – I just wanna thank my bandmates for being apart of this and hope that everyone is staying safe during this hard time crank A World Reborn loud and proud

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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end of days - reborn

A World Reborn‘ is available April 4th worldwide

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