Northlane Unleash Their Negative Energy Documentary

The self-isolation gifts keep on coming with Northlane releasing their new documentary Negative Energy which details the band’s journey, massive struggles and triumphs as they began writing their latest masterpiece Alien.

The synopsis of the doco tells fans just what to expect, revealing:

Negative Energy is the story of a band on the brink of collapse. Filmed over the entire Alien cycle from recording to the end of the world tour and beyond. What you know about the obstacles this band and lead singer Marcus Bridge have faced only scratches the surface. This documentary covers the insurmountable struggles that Northlane have faced over the last few years, and how they fought their way through.

It’s no secret that Alien was Northlane‘s most personal work to date, so I for one am keen to see how they managed to take all of those tragic stories from Marcus Bridge‘s upbringing and turn them into the musical journey that we all know and felt when we first heard the album, all the way to where we are now almost a year on from its release. The film was made by Neal Walters who managed to take us all behind the scenes into Northlane‘s world so you can see just how hard it is to self-manage a band of this stature and the issues they face along the way.

Set aside some time and give this bad boy a watch!

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