PREMIERE: Unleash The Grunge With Brisbane’s TRACE!

Upcoming Brisbane alternative rock/grunge duo TRACE are here and ready to debut their hard-hitting, progressive rock into your delicate eardrums. Their first single, ‘WHITE’ will take you on a journey through your senses to uncover something real. But what you’ll discover behind the drum beats and sonically rhythmic guitars is a raw insight into two dark but wholesome souls, paving their way through to the light. We caught up with TRACE’s Chris Arthur and Scotty Wade to try and unravel their grungey take on rock music…

Introduce us to the world of TRACE – how did you guys come about and why do we need TRACE in our lives?

We formed out of other bands that were dead-ends, around early 2017. Chris and I gravitated towards each other from these bands, and in a nutshell – we decided to form a band where we were the creative forces, and we wrote songs that made us excited about music again. We wanted to create music that we are able to sing along to at 3am in the morning at the top of our voices!

Your new single ‘White’ kinda takes the listener on a journey of self-awareness. But tell us, what was your personal journey like in creating a track like this?

WHITE is a journey of self-awareness. Our personal journeys are very emotional and sometimes very hard to talk about, let along write about musically. Our debut single, ‘WHITE’, as well as other TRACE songs, really dive into our past: constant battles with depression, suicidal thought, drug/alcohol dependence, broken down relationships with loved ones/friends.

What’s the one thing that helps you get through dark phases in life?

Loved ones! The belief these times will get better. When you are in the dark / deep hole, which a lot of people have been in their lives, you don’t wish to connect with anything, or anyone. But in human nature – deep down – we crave contact, we love human interactions. It’s this reaching out for something new, something positive, friends, family, music, creativity – this is the light that shines through the dark.

trace in studio

TRACE – In studio 2020

What are you hoping listeners will take away from this new song?

Why hear the band spruiking, let’s have a couple of reviews from past shows about TRACE do the talking:

“I had no idea what to expect and TRACE delivered on something I didn’t know I needed. TRACE opened the show for the night, and remained memorable.”

“Personally I think it’s a tough choice to play without bass or with just two people, but they caught the audience’s attention & their song structure was unique & interesting. Beginning with ambient samples to create the mood, you can hear the influences of the Seattle grunge movement in their sound as they come to ear blasting crescendos. Great musical ability & I am sure they will carve out their niche in the local scene.”

What goals do you hope TRACE will achieve within the next year?

We hope people connect with our music, or stories. We love it, and we have been very honest in our music, our message is there, and we love the music we’re creating. We plan on writing new material, planning some shows and release more music as 2020 moves on.

Anything else to add?

Be ready…

Oh, we will be! Thanks for the chat guys!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

TRACE’s new single ‘WHITE’ is out this Friday! Pre-save the single here

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