Violent Soho Do Surprise Home Gigs In ‘Pick It Up Again’ Video

Get fuckeddddddd Violent Soho went about Brisbane knocking on doors for their new music video for ‘Pick It Up Again‘ and those who answered and wanted to hear new music from the boys scored an impromptu gig in their own living rooms. FUCK OFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!

I’m calling it now, this is the wholesome AF video of the year from Mansfield’s finest! Get it into ya then pre-order their new album below!

Pre-Order Everything Is A-Ok right here

soho aok album

Violent Soho – Everything Is A-Ok tracklisting

1. Sleep Year
2. Vacation Forever
3. Pick It Up Again
4. Canada
5. Shelf Life
6. Slow Down Sonic
7. Lying On The Floor
8. Easy
9. Pity Jar
10. A-OK

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