Palaye Royale Release New Single ‘Lonely’ + Announce New Album!

Canadian alt/emo rockers Palaye Royale have finally dropped the details of when their new album will be released! The Bastards will drop on May 29th on Sumerian Records, and they’ve given a new taster from the forthcoming record. ‘Lonely’ dives deep into frontman Remington Leith‘s personal childhood experiences, with the video providing a highly visual, raw portrayal. Leith explains:

This song and video is extremely personal to me. As a child I was physically and mentally abused. Which caused me to become extremely depressed and suicidal. I always thought that I was the problem, that I must of done something so wrong to deserve that type of abuse from a person who was supposed to love me and didn’t see any other way out. It’s the reason I started wearing makeup because I thought if I looked like a different person ,I would become a different person. A person that stands up for themselves. I somehow made it out alive and so grateful everyday that I did. If you or anyone else that you know is going through something similar please make a stand or be a friend because you could save a life.

The Bastards is out May 29th through Sumerian Records. Pre-order here

palaye royale the bastards

Palaye Royale – The Bastards tracklisting:

Act I:
1. Little Bastards
2. Massacre, The New American Dream
3. Anxiety
4. Tonight is the Night I Die

Act II:
1. Lonely
2. Hang On to Yourself
3. Fucking with My Head
4. Nervous Breakdown

Act III:
1. Nightmares
2. Masochist
3. Doom (Empty)
4. Black Sheep

Act IV:
1. Stay
2. Redeemer
3. Lord of Lies (Bonus track)

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