Meet Canberra’s Upcoming Heavy Hitters, Deathbeds!

Throwing down in Australia’s capital city – they’re Deathbeds and the band are gearing up for a huge debut release. Sinner, out on March 13, is a concept record taking its theme from the seven deadly sins, and to find out a bit more about the band and their upcoming album we had a good old chat. 

Tell us about yourselves! There are six of you? Tight fit on a stage, am I right?

We have always been a six piece, cause we vibe a lot from Make them Suffer a fair amount, and it can be tight on stage especially at our level where we only play small venues. We have had shows where half the band is in the crowd, which is where we say thank you to wireless systems!

You worked with the legend that is Misstiq on your latest single, ‘What’s Yours Is Mine And What’s Mine Is Mine’, how did this collaboration come about?

This was a breeze, she is great to work with and she worked on the whole album. I would say we were all on the same page throughout.

Your debut album is titled Sinner and it’s a concept album, those are a lot of work! Was this idea of the seven deadly sins something you’d been sitting on for a while?

Yeah, we came up with the idea around two years ago and sort of brewed the concept of it. We like the whole aesthetic that comes with the concept and we thought we could really do something cool. Doing a concept album sounded hard when we told people, but honestly it made it easier to write and be creative.

What song was the toughest to write and how did you push through?

Anthony Hyde writes all the music in the band, but we all think that ‘Indolent And A Lover Of Sleep’ was the hardest because the whole band thinks that it’s the hardest to learn. Anthony is a very talented man so he pushes through fine.

If you had to label your bandmates as one of the seven deadly sins, who would be who?

We definitely already did this!

Kit – Envy
David – Gluttony
Anthony – Pride
Marc – Lust
Benjamin – Sloth
Sam – Wrath

You have an album tour coming up in March, what kind of tour life do you lead? Fast and loose or slow and steady?

This is our first tour we have really done. I would say the band is very split, some are pretty slow and some are insane.

What’s the best way for fans to listen to Sinner when it comes out on March 13th? At the gym? In the dark?

Some songs are definitely gym tracks! I can’t say all of them are though. Many of the songs transition into each other so we would say listen to the whole album, headphones on, and see what you feel.

Interview by Ebony Story

Sinner is out Friday, check out our review of Deathbeds‘ debut release right here

Catch the band on tour in March!

Deathbeds – Sinner East Cast Tour
with Teeth

Friday 13 March – The Basement, Canberra

Thursday 19 March – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle

Friday 20 March – The Burdekin Hotel, Sydney *

Thursday 26 March – Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne

*Teeth not appearing

Tickets Here

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