PREMIERE: ‘Repent’ Your Teenage Emo Sins With Wolf & Chain!

Australia is about to go into emo overdrive next week upon the return of My Chemical Romance headlining Download Festival, and to get you into the right mood, we just happened to come across an upcoming Aussie act who will straight up fuel all your emo desires. Adelaide boys Wolf & Chain are the new kids on the block and their first single ‘Repent‘ channels that nostalgic punk/emo perfectly, so we asked the band why everyone should join their new cult…

Hey guys, loving the new single ‘Repent’, can you tell us the story behind the song?

The concept behind the release is that the band is a preacher led cult, with each member having a unique identity (Vocals – Preacher Leader, Lead Guitar – Bandit/Hired Gun, Rhythm Guitar – Member of the undead summoned from our cult magic, Bass – Working man gone nuts and Drums – Clown/Muscle). The song speaks to a part of me that felt like I needed to redeem myself and to extend that message out to anyone else with that feeling, to join us. ‘Repent’ is a call to arms summoning the cult of Wolf & Chain to formation.

If you were forced to confess, what recently committed sins would you repent?

Definitely Wrath (because we are angsty emo boys) and Gluttony because we love an AB.

You’ve got a huge, cool sound, and for me, it’s like a mix of My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail. Who are your biggest influences?

Obviously all the classic emo bands like The Used, My Chemical Romance, Pierce The Veil etc. However we are also influenced by the rawness and chaos of The Pixies, as well as huge, theatrical, anthemic bands like Queen.  

wolf & chain

Tell us the story behind the band name, Wolf & Chain. Did you capture a stray wolf using nothing but a chain?

Haha, yeah. After we caught that stray wolf together that day, we looked at it and thought that it was a pretty good metaphor for wrangling and controlling our own inner demons/beasts. Which is what the band does for us. 

You guys have already played a few shows in Adelaide, but when can we expect Wolf & Chain to venture to the bigger cities?

Later in the year we are planning to do an east coast tour (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane). Hopefully with some more visits following that.

If we haven’t seen you guys LIVE yet, what’s three things that’ll be guaranteed if we grab a ticket and walk in those doors?

1) Energy
2) Lots of hair, sweat and makeup
3) A spiritual awakening in the form of a Rock ‘n Roll Exorcism 

If MySpace made a comeback, what song would you have on your profile for all to see?

Easy! Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without the E.

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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Catch the band launching their new single ‘Repent‘ in Adelaide on April 3rd

olf & chain show

Wolf & Chain – Repent Single Launch

April 3 at Enigma Bar, Adel


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  1. Belac the Goat // March 11, 2020 at 11:39 am //

    Absolutely killer single. The production is fantastic, well done boys!

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