Adelaide Upcomers Rogue Half Dropped A Bangin’ Track Called ‘Bite My Tongue’

What the hell is going on in Adelaide and Perth lately? Both cities, who unfortunately get left off tours more often than not, have started producing some fantastic bands who are worthy of your attention and money and the latest one to come into our sights is Adelaide’s Rogue Half!

Overnight the band released their banger of a new song called ‘Bite My Tongue‘ which just sounds fucking huge and combines screams with a sing-a-long inducing chorus, guaranteed to get you bouncing around from the second it starts!

I quickly grabbed vocalist Matt Keal for a chat about the track and band to get you up to speed on your latest new favourites…

Matt, the new song is fucking epic, from the second it starts it’s hard, heavy and in your face. Where’d the concept for the track come from?

The song comes from a pretty dark place. When someone important in your life leaves there is a tendency to look inward and blame all of your flaws. Sam (our guitarist) writes all of the music, so you can thank him for the riffs!

It’s got that great combination of melodic/heavy vocals that draw you in and get you wanting to scream along. Is this a taste of what’s to come from the band?

Honestly we are quite a mixed bag. We have some softer songs and some heavier ones like Bite My Tongue. We recent released Sleepless, which has a slightly different vibe. You can expect to hear a mixture of genres coming out in the future.

Rogue Half reign from Adelaide, what’s going on in the water down there? Heaps of great bands have emerged recently and are trying to get noticed!

Must be something in the water down here for sure! Some huge acts coming out and we are keen to share the stage with our local friends soon.

With this song out now, what’s next for the band and when can we hear it live?

We are always writing new songs. It’s what we love to do, so we will be releasing new songs throughout the year. Hoping to hit the stage soon, and the thought of playing in other cities in Australia is exciting, so I hope that opportunity arises.

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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