PREMIERE: ATLVS Are Back With Heavy Belter ‘Sorrow’ + Leukaemia Foundation Single Launch Gig

Just when you needed a healthy dose of heavy in your lives from a great upcoming act, we’re here to deliver it right to your earholes with ATLVS making their return with their new song ‘Sorrow‘ which we’re delighted to be premiering for you today! The band have overcome a big lineup change at the end of last year and we’re stoked for what’s to come with the lads moving forward.

To find out more, we grabbed bassist/clean vocalist Matthew Borthwick for a chat all about the next era of ATLVS and their forthcoming charity gig!

Matty, welcome back! I just hit play on ‘Sorrow’ and holy shit, that initial intro smacked me in the face like a mack truck. What are you so angry about? hahaha

It’s been over 6 months since we’ve been able to vent our feelings through tracks. This is what happens when we let our group-emotions out

Well glad you’re venting frustrations via music again! This is the first release since Jesse Buckingham departed last year, how did that change the dynamic of the band recording and moving forward?

Recording barely changed, honestly. Ionei at Zanari records does such a good job of making everything run smoothly and comfortably. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time in a studio, it’s a very welcoming experience.

As far as moving forward, we as a band already felt that we wanted to reshape our sound while staying within the “metalcore” genre. It’s such a broad term that there’s plenty of wriggle room. It sucked saying good-bye to Jesse as a band member, but we were very fortunate in how well our new vocalist fitted the sound we had in our heads.


ATLVS with former frontman Jesse Buckingham in 2019

Sooo tell us about this new vocalist you’ve got?

We met Mitch through our mutual friendship with the boys from The Gloom In The Corner. Since then, he’s became a good friend of the band, and helped us out by jumping on tour with us when Jesse was unavailable. He meshed really well with us both on and off the stage, so it was a pretty simple decision to ask him to come on full time

And where’s the band now with the start of this next chapter? Keen and eager to get out and play show/release music of taking it slow?

Definitely keen to keep the ball rolling after this single drops. We’ve got a few demos in the works at the moment, and without saying too much, it could be a very happy Christmas for ATLVS fans

Give us a rundown of the video!

We hit up Sabian (104creative, Alpha Wolf) and basically said “we need a video. We have no creative ideas for it. Just make us look angry”, and he delivered perfectly. Super easy to work with, friendly and professional. We got a bit stitched up by the venue we had organised, but thankfully DCF Studios in Northcote were able to help us out and supply a fantastic area to work in

Now for those who are keen to see this song in a live setting you’ve got a single launch show coming up on March 21st. What should we expect walking in those doors as we prepare to see the next phase of ATLVS?

Loud, unapologetically pissed-off metalcore. We’ve stripped back the instrumentation on this new single to really drive the words of the song home. It’s definitely very different to anything we’ve released before, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome

And all proceeds from the show are going to a worthy cause, the Leukaemia Foundation. What’s the story behind this initiative?

There’s not many people that can say that they haven’t somehow been touched by cancer in one way or another, and we as a band are no exception. Also, the Shave for a Cure initiative is something that is easy for people to get behind, due to the physical aspect of it

What’s next for the band after the show comes to a climax?

Immediately? Getting some sick buzzcuts on stage. Down the line, maybe another single, maybe a cheeky EP, who knows? Definitely playing as many shows as possible. It’ll be hard to miss us 2020.

We can’t wait to see what else is yet to come… any last words?

Just a big thank you to Ionei Heckenberg, Sabian Lynch, Lance Prenc, DCF Studios for having us when we filmed the music and the people that have supported us over the years.

Go get it lads!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

ATLVS launch new single ‘Sorrow‘ on March 21st at Stay Gold
All proceeds will go to the Leukaemia Foundation

atlvs show

ATLVS – Sorrow Single Launch Show
with Outloved, Outsider, Heartline and In Vanity

March 21 at Stay Gold, Melb

Tickets Here

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