Patient Lounge – Gig Review 22nd February @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD

Patient Lounge
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD
February 22, 2020
Supports: Le Suits and Blind Pilots

A Saturday night filled with local talent, what better way to spend a weekend? Local band Patient Lounge were celebrating their new single ‘New Man‘ and to say that the crowd enjoyed it was an understatement.

Blind Pilots kicked off the evening with their easy listening rock. Featuring smooth vocals, soft harmonies and just a good old classic sound, these guys really paved the way for the following bands. And let me tell you, next up we had Therein, and they were a mixed lolly bag alright. But in a ridiculously good way. If you weren’t immediately captured by the flautist (flutist? whatever) on stage working his melody in with their progressive metal/rock, then you were caught by the way they introduced songs. One was even introduced as being about brush tailed possums and how much they suck. Firm stance to take but great song! These guys were hard to figure out because each song was so drastically different from the previous. But either way, Therein created impressive soundscapes.

Now, Le Suits – always a good time. I’ve written about these guys before when they supported Osaka Punch and this is a band that needs to be seen to be believed. Eight people on stage including three or four brass instruments, and the frontman wore a Nick Cage shirt! Old Nick has never looked better. There was an overall theme of handshaking going around the band before their set, during their set with the crowd and after. What great musicianship and let’s not forget the jazz inspired wall of ‘death’. It’s really hard to describe their music but let’s say it’s an organised chaos of orchestral rock. Yeah.

And the stars of the night, Patient Lounge, got it on with a drum solo to open their set. Self described as rock, but I’d be inclined to add in elements of jazz and progressive rock too, because this is anything but straight forward rock music. There were some sweet guitar solos, lots of hair tossing and power stances, impressive drumming too and even a Tool cover! But let’s get to the single: ‘New Man‘ opens with a jazzy/salsa-like guitar line before morphing into something a little more dramatic and heavy. Think Twelve Foot Ninja style vocals and proggy transitions as the song develops over almost eight minutes. This song has some huge jams, a great build through the bridge and shows the band has a lot of potential. Patient Lounge even spoiled punters with an encore of a brand new song that hadn’t even been finished yet. No vocals and no title, but what a jam. Hell yes.

If you like Australian prog rock I’d be getting onto the Patient Lounge train. Cause these guys are going places.

Review By – Ebony Story

Patient lounge

Patient Lounge – New Man Tour

March 6 at Hideaway Bar, Syd

March 7 at Frankies Pizza, Syd








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