Introvert – Mending Breaking (EP Review)

Introvert – Mending Breaking EP
Released: February 21, 2020


Audie Franks // Vocals & Guitar
Max Priest // Bass
Stephen Hopkins // Drums & Vocals



Ahh my old loves in Introvert have finally returned with their latest offering Mending Breaking, an EP which they created whilst tucked away from the music world for the past couple of years and a release I have been reallly anticipating since first discovering the band at Big Sound way back in 2017. After that messy weekend, the boys signed with UNFD, played UNIFY Gathering and then took time away to record and the end result is finally here.

Find A Way‘ eases us all in with an almost enchanting background sound (something that’d you’d hear in a fairytale story) before frontman Audie Franks‘ alluring vocals draw us in with the inspiring lyrics of: “I’ll find a way, always find a way to let you know, you’re not alone” and I’m immediately feeling good afterwards, just as his tone changes to that raw and unique yell he’s known for kicks off the EP with a sound akin to that of early Four Year Strong. This is 100% the best song the guys could have kicked off this release with. It’s inspiring, motivating and just makes you want to sing your heart out. There’s plenty of gang vox chants too so this’ll no doubt become a fan fav at their future shows. ‘Dreamers‘ keeps that upbeat momentum flowing (both songs would sound great rolling into each other back to back at gigs too, take note boys) with Audie and Stephen bouncing off each other’s vocal performance so gracefully. According to the band, the song “was initially written about the idea of someone not being totally happy within themselves, and wanting people to know that they are struggling but not being able to tell anyone.”, which seems to be the reoccurring theme of Mending Breaking‘s basis; the struggle within. I loved the single when I first heard it and that hasn’t changed since it first made its appearance last year. This is Introvert doing what they do best lyrically and instrumentally.

As Long As You Know‘ slows things down momentarily (but still maintains that large scale, anthemic sound the guys have been working on) and goddamn, I can’t help but think how GOOOD his track will sound in a big venue. I’m getting some major Trophy Eyes‘ vibes with this one too, which doesn’t seem out of the ordinary since both bands reign from Newcastle. There are still punky elements throughout too so if you like your Introvert turned up to 11 with enough space for you to scream the words at the top of your lungs, this will be your new fav! ‘Somewhere Else‘ takes on the theme ofhaving social anxiety, feeling like you’re missing out, but constantly wanting to be alone” and we have all been there. FOMO is real, and now there’s an anthem for those of us who want to make appearances out in public, but just can’t fathom the idea of being around other people. It’s a slow-jam, alt-rock banger and if you haven’t heard it yet, that’s on you! ‘Mending Breaking‘ ups the tempo for this melodic punk rock belter that has Audie Franks screaming his fucking heart out during the pre-chorus, before pulling back and singing during the chorus’ second verse (it’s almost like a self-reflection moment that connects with the lyrics in that he’s struggling with everything in life, but yelling isn’t going to fix his problems). That is the musical progression I knew Introvert had behind them and the fact they’ve stepped up so much since their last few releases show the potential this group has.

All I Know‘ starts with the focal point on Stephen’s distant drumming as Audie and bassist Max Priest join in with their guitars and a harmonising introduction that slowly builds up to an all in jam. This song has it all, easy-listening guitar riffs, yelling, sing-a-long sections and a coming to terms vibe which reminds you that everything is going to be alright in life. A great way to wrap up the release and get you keen to hit replay on it again and again.

The next era of Introvert has arrived and if you’ve only vaguely listened to the lads in the past, Mending Breaking should draw you in and make you an official fan. They’ve found a sound/style that can draw in a vast array of fans who appreciate all different types of genres so there’s guaranteed to be something on this new EP for you.

Introvert - Mending Breaking

Introvert – Mending Breaking tracklisting

1. Find A Way
2. Dreamers
3. As Long As You Know
4. Somewhere Else
5. Mending Breaking
6. All I Know

Rating: 8/10
Mending Breaking EP is out Friday via UNFD. Pre-Save here
Review by Browny @brownypaul

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