Polaris’ Dan Furnari On Genre Labelling: “The Only People That Can Judge What Constitutes A Polaris Song Is Us…”

With less than a three days until Polaris unveil their second album The Death of Me, the hype is building for you to hear these new songs the band have been working on, but in the comments sections of YouTube and forums of late, I’ve been seeing mentions of the band being “just another metalcore act” who aren’t doing much to change the game.

Well to those naysayers I say you’re wrong! Hella wrong.

The collection of songs you’re gonna hear on this new release really prove the band are taking their musical progression to the next level and offering fans a fantastic release that proves they’re more than just another metalcore band releasing heavy song after heavy song and so on and so forth.

On the latest episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall, I had a chat with drummer/songwriter Daniel Furnari who took the time out to explain the band’s musical direction and how they never really wanted to pigeonhole themselves within that genre.

“We never really took that genre label as something like a hard and fast rule we have to stick to. I often tell people that I think we just look at ourselves as a heavy band; a heavy but melodic but emotive band.”

He adds their purpose is to create songs that resonate with the listener and gets them feeling something as he adds:

“That’s just what we want to do, we want to create an emotional reaction from people, we want to give people something that they can move to in a live setting and really push each other around to and jump around to. We want to create something that people can sing along to…”

Polaris Sandra Markovic 1J7C0039-Edit

Polaris 2K20. Photo: Sandra Markovic

“It’s just about creating something that people can feel and connect with in a real personal way” – Daniel Furnari on Polaris’ sound and songwriting.

And it happens with every band that delves into the heavy music scene and starts to pick up momentum, fans/critics think they know what the band should sound like OR what kind of music the should be releasing and at the end of the day, as Dan adds, it all comes down to what the band want to do and the sound they’re trying to deliver to fans:

“…the only people that can judge what constitutes a Polaris song is us, no one else can really judge that for us.”

Valid points all round. You can read of our review of Polaris‘ new genre-crossing album The Death of Me right here where our reviewer Ebony Story gave the release a perfect score of 10/10 stating:

“I don’t know what to tell you, other than I’m an extremely excitable person, but I’m calling it right now – album of the year contender.”

She’s not wrong you know! Catch the band on tour across Australia with Wage War, Crystal Lake and Alpha Wolf very soon. Details here!

Words by Browny @brownypaul

The Death of Me is out Friday, February 21st via Resist Records
Pre-Order it here.

Polaris TDOM Cover 1080x1080

Polaris – The Death Of Me tracklisting

1. Pray For Rain
2. Hypermania
3. Masochist
4. Landmine
5. Vagabond
6. Creatures Of Habit
7. Above My Head
8. Martyr (Waves)
9. All Of This Is Fleeting
10. The Descent

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